THE STATE DEPT: Tells Governors Refusing Muslim Migrants They Don’t Give A Sh*t About Democracy

From the jaws of migration victory, President Obama snatches defeat. The President, always so careful about the feelings of Islamic terrorists isn’t so cautious about giving the finger to the Republic that elected him. As you may be aware, 32 of the 50 States (or 57 depending on which President you’re listen to) have declared that they will not allow in any of the Syrian immigrants for what should be obvious security reasons. Not only is that a majority of states (again, based on most President’s counting), even a Democrat Governor joined the bandwagon. It seemed like a small sliver of sunshine was cracking through an ever-growing bleak and ominous political horizon.   According to the Washington Examiner, however, nothing the States declare matters much to this Administration.

According to the article, the State Department has responded to the governors with what can only be described as the diplomatic finger. State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, clarified this finger when he stated that the overwhelmingly Muslim migrants “Can ultimately choose wherever they want to go.” It’s nice to know we have an Administration that never misses a chance to put citizens of other countries ahead their own. Clearly, someone woke up the Apologizer in Chief while sitting in all this week’s meetings with other Presidents and Prime Ministers; just totally unable to keep up with all their big words and let him know there was another chance to ignore American’s wishes.

Now the State Department does have the legal right to override the states when it comes to immigration issues based on the Refugee Act of 1980. According to Mr. Toner, the only real weapon the governors have is to refuse the federal dollars that would come with the immigrants and deal with them on their own dime. And, just to add a little extra spice to the big bowl of Bite Me Obama is feeding America, the President is vowing to veto a bill that would increase the immigration screening.

So much for the President’s promise of a “rigorous” screening process.

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Now the good news is the Republicans still control Congress and can withhold funding for federal programs. Governors are already calling on the House to move swiftly to turn off the funding faucet. Something tells me Barry isn’t going to pass the hat around the next Cabinet meeting to pay for the migrant location himself.   What’s truly tragic is that there are millions of refugees of various faiths and truly in need who are being used, essentially, as shields by terrorists to enter into and destroy the West. More tragic is that America’s leader doesn’t care that he’s sacrificing our safety to seemingly ensure terrorism spreads.

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