Arizona Announces They Want Mexicans with ‘Border Privileges’ To Be Entitled To ALL OF…

Arizona just made a huge announcement about what they want to see happen in their state. What could possibly go wrong?

Due to the giant financial influx provided by Mexican shoppers across the border, Arizona extends special privileges to Mexican nationals who possess a Border Crossing Card, essentially extending the border 75 miles into the state. However, a multi-agency push could extend that imaginary border to cover the entire state of Arizona, allowing roughly 1.2 million Mexican visitors to travel freely throughout the state without having to file an I-94 form.

This “border zone” has existed for decades for mostly commercial purposes, and extends 25 miles into US territory along the length of the US-Mexico border. That zone was extended to 75 miles in Arizona in 1999, which includes the outlets in Tubac, AZ along Interstate 19 and the City of Tucson. According to Nogales International, The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is proposing to extend the current border zone to the entire state in an effort to strengthen the statewide economy. The City of Phoenix is located in Maricopa County, and the metro area is home to roughly 4.5 million people—along with many retail stores.

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