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DISTURBING FACTS: Prove Obama’s Strengthening the Stealth Jihad of His ‘Religion of Peace’

Now that Islamic terrorism has come back into clear focus after the events in Paris, let’s look at the real facts about the “religion of peace”.

First, Islam, despite what our liberal elite and Islamic apologists want you to believe, is NOT a religion of peace. It is an ideology of conquest. Islam means submission and by submission it does not mean some personal inner struggle against sin. It means subduing the world’s population to an iron-fisted, tyrannical form of social enslavement.

The peaceful verses in the Qur’an that call for love and tolerance that our media love to point to, have been abrogated by verses that call for violence and coercion. These peaceful Meccan verses were quoted early in Muhammad’s unsuccessful ministry in Mecca.

After having to flee from his own tribe in Mecca to Medina, Muhammad changed his peaceful method to warlike violence and these later Medinan verses overwrite or cancel the earlier peaceful ones. The violence we saw last week in Paris and continuing this week in Africa is just what Muhammad exhorts his followers to do. Those jihadists have their theology right.

Islam does not respect geographic borders or national sovereignty. Instead it divides the world by ideology and there are only two possibilities. There is the Dar al Islam, the world of Islam where the area and its population are under the control of Islamists and is ruled by Sharia law. Then there is the Dar al Harb, the world of the infidels that is to be conquered and subdued for Islam.

Muslims are to make war continuously on the Dar al Harb until it is converted. This can be through overt violence as we have seen played out all over the Middle East and so recently in France. However, in its early stages it can take the form of a “stealth jihad” where key government individuals are compromised and powerful influence is established with key decision makers in government, media, and academia. Islamists have been profoundly successful in undermining many of our Washington based institutions and the operation continues. Violence follows this stage.

While only a small percentage of Muslims engage in actual jihad, the majority of the Muslim population provides what our national security experts term “the ocean the jihadis swim in”. The vast majority of Muslims do not engage in violence and a significant percentage may actually oppose the bloodshed prescribed by the Qur’an. In actuality though, very few will speak out and try to prevent said violence. Either because they passively agree with the jihadis actions or because they are afraid of retribution for speaking out against such actions, very, very few Muslims will speak publicly or take any step against this violence in the name of Islam. Those that are willing to stand publicly against the senselessness need to be encouraged, nurtured, and protected in every way possible.

And as ridiculous as it sounds, I guess I do need to remind you that global warming does not cause Islamic terrorism. However, failing to recognize this ideology for what it is will get us all killed.

And not recognizing the threat is exactly what our current administration has been doing since it came to office. I believe a case can be made that not only is the president not taking the appropriate actions to thwart this threat and protect the American people, but instead the actions that have been taken have strengthened our enemy.

From his extolling the beauty of the Muslim call to prayer to his apology tour of the Middle East, this president has clearly shown his allegiance to the Islamic world. Take off your politically colored glasses and look at the following facts objectively.

1) The massacre at Fort Hood, a clear case of Islamic terrorism, is classified as work place violence. Later reports about the incident have all references to Islam expunged.
2) This administration is continuing to release some of the most virulent terrorists from Guantanamo despite clear evidence that a high percentage return to the battlefield and could kill more Americans.
3) The administration continues to push for tens of thousands of “refugees” to be let into the country without adequate vetting. The president’s own experts admit they do not have the required databases to prevent ISIS infiltration.
4) This administration allowed one of our advanced RQ-170 Sentinel CIA spy drones to be recovered completely intact by the Iranians when protocol clearly dictated it be destroyed before it could be captured.
5) It’s clear that this administration switched sides on the war on terror. They backed the Muslim Brotherhood’s effort to overthrow the governments of Egypt and Libya. Weapons were supplied to Al Qaeda factions to depose governments that were actually helping to maintain stability in the region.
6) There’s ample evidence to indicate that ISIS may very well be a creation of our government in an effort to topple Assad in Syria. Incredible amounts of U.S. weaponry were allowed to fall into their hands. The Benghazi debacle looks to be linked to an effort to get American arms given to Libyan terrorists into ISIS hands to use against Assad.
7) We are now under a much graver threat of nuclear attack due to the treacherous Iranian nuclear arms deal.

What does this spell to you? The stealth jihad in this country is nearing completion. I fear for our citizens.


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John Tutten

John Tutten holds degrees in both engineering and business management. He is veteran of thirty-three years in the high technology business world where he spent time in development engineering and technology management predominantly in the area of custom semiconductor circuits. He recently retired to the mountains of north Georgia where he devotes his time to the study of Christian Apologetics and writing in defense of the Christian worldview.