Published on November 28, 2015

The protests over the shooting of Laquan McDonald continue in Chicago, and this 16 year old protestor has gone viral for his stare downs with multiple officers. There has been news circulating that he is actually a paid protestor — although it has not yet been confirmed. Check it out via Turtleboy Boys…

For those not from Chicago…. the stare down boy is a paid protestor for the Chicago politicians. If anyone really…

Posted by Ar Lene on Friday, November 27, 2015

But like we’ve said a million times before, the outrage is pretty selective. Chicago is basically a third world country. A million people get shot there every day and the only one that people seem upset about is the one where a cop pulled the trigger.

Anyway, there’s a 16 year old kid going around Chicago for the last few days staring down every cop he sees.

Apparently he asks them all, “are you gonna shoot me 16 times?” Nah dude, wasn’t planning on it. I kind of think you want me to because you apparently thrive on being a victim. But I’m just a nice guy trying to do his job and protect your community from savages. Why don’t you give me a break and redirect your anger to someone who has actually wronged you?


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