IT’S ABOUT TIME: For Muslim ‘Allies’ to Step Up in the War Against ‘Radical Islam’

Written by Candace Hardin on November 18, 2015

Over the weekend, Paris experienced horrible terrorist attacks that resulted in the tragic loss of many lives. France has retaliated in a big way in thought, word and deed. The French leadership is letting the terrorists know that consequences will be doled out. They have no problem with the terms or categorization of those who commit such heinous deeds.

Good for them, too bad that even though the United States has helped the country exact military punishment, our current administration is reluctant to call out those who do these evil deeds and call them by their proper name.

In Saturday’s Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying that calling the war on terror a war on radical Islam is “not particularly helpful” for enticing allies in Muslim countries.

In fact, all of the Democratic Presidential Contenders felt it insensitive to use the term as well.

If our “allies” in the Middle East are closely examined, perhaps it is as the old saying goes, “with friends like that, who needs enemies?”

Pakistan is a supposed ally with the United States. This country knew the United States was in a manhunt for Osama bin Laden. Pakistan receives financial aid from the United States, yet could not bring themselves to report the whereabouts of Public Enemy Number One during the five years that bin Laden’s wife claimed to have remained in the compound with her husband.

Why was that? Was it because they are such good friends with the United States? More likely, it had more to do with refusing to rat out a fellow Muslim, even if monies had exchanged hands to create an “ally.”

Since when have the Saudis been good friends and allies? They jerk the price of a barrel of crude up and down, depending on their willingness to do financial harm or have political gain on those who are dependent on oil. Being that Russia is on the Saudis “list”, we are recently enjoying low gas prices. The Saudis have undercut Russian oil production costs, thereby disrupting their economy. A pretty neat trick that can bring a country to its knees without firing a shot.

In 1973, the United States was on their “list.” The Saudis were unhappy that the US backed our true ally, Israel. Therefore, the Energy Crisis happened and changed the balance of power forever. They enjoy our alliance when they need something, but the threat of costly oil is always a shadow hanging over the US’ head.

According to the current administration, et al, the term “radical Islam” should be avoided on the pretense that it offends peaceful Muslims who are against the actions of their fellows.

If these “peaceful Muslims” are against this random, violent bloodletting, why are they all silent? If they are truly against these actions, why don’t they stand up and say something against these attacks?
It seems safe to believe that these potential allies who need to be “enticed” should be written off as lost cause.

Another old saying works well here, “if one lies down with the dogs, they will wake up with fleas.”

Too bad Harry Truman isn’t available for comment. He was a president who had no trouble at all calling a spade a spade, or blowing an aggressor back to the one they believe created them.

The United States could use a good dose of Truman candor today instead of the namby-pamby, milk toast political correctness that is corrupting the greatest power in the world.


Sahre if you agree it’s time for our Muslim “allies” to step up and help America in the War on radical Islamic terror.

Candace Hardin
Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on and has a blog, Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.