JEB PUSS: Can’t Handle Mean Tweets From Trump, So He’s Demanding This

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Jeb Bush can’t handle mean tweets from Donald Trump late at night – so he’s making this ridiculous demand.

Jeb Bush is irked by Donald Trump‘s constant baiting on Twitter, and wants some tweet-free peace every evening.

He told on Thursday in New Hampshire that ‘it’s hard to keep up with all the Twitter’ activity that the Republican front-runner generates both personally and through his staff.

‘I just think there ought to be a no-Twitter rule for candidates after 8 o-clock!’ Bush said outside a senior center in the town of North Conway, near iconic Mount Washington.

‘There just should be, like, a rule.’

Bush communications director Tim Miller sought to soften the former governor’s words after the North Conway event, saying: ‘It’s funny.’

But Jeb told ABC News on Wednesday that Trump has ‘an intern problem’ with late-night tweeting. ‘They drink at night, or something.’

A Trump spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

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