Written by Andrew Allen on November 9, 2015

It’s interesting to watch progressives in their natural element. Interesting in the same way hidden cameras in panda rooms at the zoo are interesting. The pandas think no one is watching so they do panda stuff. Same with progressives. When they forget the camera is there, they do progressive stuff. Progressive stuff often is stupid stuff. Not the cool type of “stupid” — that variety is often spelled “stooped”. Rather, it’s the traditional flavor of stupidity. The kind that develops when one lives a deliberately uninformed life. It’s this quality that makes progressives interesting when they go full panda and forget about the camera in the room.

Most recently, they went full panda when Obama chided Republican Presidential contenders who had complained about CNBC’s debate moderation. It’s to be expected that they would woop and holler with approval as he delivered his rebuke. No news there. Obama made a Putin comment that his adoring fans loved. too. He essentially said that when he sits Putin down and tells him something by golly Vladimir does as he’s told! On cue. The assembled progressive audience gobbled it up faster than your local panda can gnaw some bamboo.

Right now, a progressive is reading this and getting all wee-wee’d up wondering what’s wrong with any of this. So, progressive, sit back. Close mouth. Stretch. Close mouth again. Read on.

Forget for a moment that Obama’s meetings with Putin over the years have been pretty sparse. The two have gone as long as two years without communicating according to some news reports. When they’ve been forced to spend time together at various international events, their interactions have been minimal. It’s not uncommon for Putin to hob-nob his way among world leaders, and then later for all of them to take a group photo together with Putin in a prime spot and Obama somewhere off to the side. Forget about all that.

What exactly has Obama been telling Putin all these years? Really. If Putin’s “how high?” is the knee-jerk response every time Obama says “jump”, how come we were caught off guard and to date have no idea what to do about Putin’s Syrian involvement? How come the Russian Air Force and Navy feel welcome to operate as close to America’s territorial bounds as they please? Why are Moscow and Tehran inking nuke deals? Oh, and there’s the Ukraine thing.

If the Shot Caller In Chief speaks, and Putin then does as he’s told…

It’s at this point the progressive reading this is probably trying to make it all George Bush’s fault. No need to do that. Once again, sit back. Close. Mouth. Stretch. Close mouth again. Read on.

Fact is, Obama has never issued marching orders that Putin dutifully obeyed. Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock the past several years knows this. Somehow, a room full of progressives doesn’t know this. They believed what Obama told them at face value. They honestly can see Obama telling Putin how things are going to be. Despite years of accumulated real world evidence that disproves this.

That’s how uninformed progressives have become. They are the epitome of low info.

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Andrew Allen
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