I honestly don’t know what’s worse about this story: That Al-Queda henchman, Ben Nasr Mehdi almost smuggled himself into the West, or that authorities attempted to cover it up, or that we’re now stuck with relying on the Italians as our last line of defense against the destruction of civilization.   Look, if you want a fantastic meal matched with an exquisite red, the Italians are your kind of people. If you want top-notch thoroughness and punctilious due diligence, maybe not so much.

Fortunately, our Italian friends put down the Chianti long enough to apprehend Mehdi amongst 200 migrants last month. Unfortunately, the only reason we seem to know anything about this is because German news channel n-tv caught Italian authorities trying to keep Mehdi’s near infiltration a secret in order to avoid “scare tactics”, whatever that means.

So, for those of you keeping score at home- we’ve got Western democracies still allowing millions of Muslim immigrants through the gates while ignoring the obvious terrorist dangers in the process. We’ve got the same Western democracies choosing to withhold key confirmation that they’re allowing terrorists a head start to destroy churches and rape women so they can avoid dealing with a perfectly appropriate fear response. And, lastly, we seem to require democracies to essentially spy on each other instead of focusing on the actual Islamic terrorist threat that is causing all of this brilliant diplomacy.

To make things worse, as Breitbart reported earlier his year, this isn’t even the first terrorist Italy had to stick its head out of the sand to deal with. Muslim IS terrorist, Abdel Majid Touil, entered the country in February before getting captured in May – an undisturbed stay of almost four months.

According to The Daily Mail, Italy slapped Touil with an expulsion order to “leave within 15 days or else” back in February. Brace yourself; I’m sure everyone will be shocked (shocked!) to learn that Touil decided to not follow it. It’s really unfair when the evil, murdering, terrorists don’t follow the laws.

So far, none of this seems to be putting a dent into the West’s Embrace Islam policy. After so many leaders in various countries are falling down on the job and endangering their citizens for fear of upsetting a terrorist religion, it kind of makes me wonder how many of these countries can really be called democracies anymore?

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