UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI PRESIDENT: Responds To ‘RACISM’ Charges…His Words Left Many Cheering

Published on November 9, 2015

Is the mainstream media going to consider his actions to be ‘racist’?

The University of Missouri’s chancellor has resigned just six hours after the president stepped down in the midst of protests over the way they have dealt with racism on campus.

Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin announced on Monday afternoon he would be ‘transitioning’ to a new role in the new year following complaints from students that racial slurs and discrimination are common.

He followed President Tim Wolfe, who quit after he was accused of failing to deal with ‘systematic racism’ after students staged demonstrations following acts of vandalism in college dorms – including the smearing of a swastika in human feces on a wall.

Their resignations came as head football coach Gary Pinkel revealed that he backed his players’ boycott because a ‘young man’s life was on the line’.

He was referring to Jonathan Butler, the graduate student who was on a hunger strike announced Wolfe announced he was resigning.

Pinkel told a press conference: ‘I got involved because I support my players and a certain young man’s life was on the line. Our team is excited about getting going again and we’re looking forward to BYU.’

‘We wanted to play the football game (against BYU), but it was about this young man.’

If the boycott had continued to Saturday’s game, which is being played at Arrowhead Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Chiefs, the university would have lost millions of dollars.

Tim Wolfe said Monday at a special meeting of the system’s governing board that he takes ‘full responsibility for the frustration’ students had expressed regarding racial issues and that it ‘is clear’ and ‘real.’

In a brief statement given to the media at the meeting, Wolfe said that his decision to resign came ‘out of love, not hate’ and that he hopes the university can ‘move forward together’.

‘We have to stop yelling and stop intimidating each other,’ he said.

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