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Obama’s Official ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ Foreign Policy Is An Official Failure

by Scott Adams
Clash Daily Contributor

Barack Obama’s close friend and fellow Muslim Brotherhood supporter, Turkish President and NATO member Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to shoot down a Russian fighter jet that killed the Russian pilots marks the first time a NATO ally has shot down a Russian plane since the 1950s. It also represents the beginning of the end for President Barack Obama’s secret Muslim Brotherhood Middle East strategy and potentially sets in motion a new Cold War with Russia.

Adding to Obama’s problems is that his own former head of Central Command General Mike Flynn has begun to blow the whistle on the Obama Administration’s attempt to water down intelligence that played down the ISIS threat from Central Command.

The Press Conference with Socialist French President François Hollande and President Obama had merely doubled down on more of the same by bloviating more anti-Russian rhetoric to protect their NATO alliance allegiances, harped on climate change, failed to give time table estimates for the removal of al-Assad, set the stage for al-Assad war crimes in Vienna, and side-stepped any questions about Obama’s friend Turkish President Erdogan’s decision to blow a Russian fighter jet out of the sky.

Russian retaliation is now inevitable. How will NATO respond? Will they protect Turkey by invoking Article V?  How bad can our foreign policy possibly be?  I’ll tell you.

Muslim Brotherhood

It all started in Cairo, Egypt with the Arab Spring when President Obama gave his first major global speech in what is considered to be ground zero for the Muslim Brotherhood. The stage set, and ground work paved, Obama appointed more members of the Muslim Brotherhood to his Administration Cabinet than any other President before him with the goal to push the Muslim Brotherhood agenda throughout the Middle East.  His biggest supporter and ally for this mission would be none other than Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

Together Obama and Erdogan supported the removal of American forces and presence from Iraq, promoted the Arab Spring and the rise of Sunni’s Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Morsi to lead Egypt, and promoted the removal of Syrian Alawite Shia leader Bashar al-Assad by having the Muslim Brotherhood spearhead civil unrest and promote the anti al-Assad Syrian Sunni rebels.

Erdogan and Obama’s team of Muslim Brotherhood Cabinet members’ main goal was to remove al-Assad from power, and redefine the Syrian / Iraqi borders differently than the way they were designed post WWI and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

It’s worth mentioning that both Erdogan and Obama refuse to acknowledge the Armenian genocide in Syria.
Removing American troops served multiple purposes including allowing Obama to redistribute American military assets like M16 rifles, heavy artillery and Humvees to the anti al-Assad Syrian Rebels. Removing American troops also distanced Obama from the Pentagon and Congress.


Of course, Obama and Erdogan needed a leader for their anti al-Assad Syrian force. Enter ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In 2009, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was released from Camp Bucca, a U.S. military detention center in Southern Iraq. In 2010, al-Baghadadi became the leader of ISIS and setup headquarters in Raqqa, Syria.


Also, in 2010 Obama would support a mission to destabilize Libya and remove Muammar Gaddafi from power. In 2011, Gaddafi was murdered by the National Transitional Council forces.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s political party in Libya made a bid to end the country’s ongoing standoff that entailed a constitutional amendment by which a transitional council would be set up to run the country’s affairs for a period of between three and five years, according to a statement by the Brotherhood’s Justice and Building Party.

In late 2010 and early 2011, Benghazi was the Libyan city where Hillary Clinton established a clandestine operation spearheaded by the State Department to manage third party foreign groups, the CIA and CIA contractors to facilitate the distribution of Libya’s arsenal to anti al-Assad Syrian Rebel Forces in Syria.

Benghazi September 11, 2012

On September 11, 2012, the attack on the Benghazi gun running operation marked the beginning of the biggest political scandal that stained the Obama Administration after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied about the attack being sparked by a senseless video, deleted countless emails and offered up false narratives that were perpetrated by the entire Obama Administration.

The attack marked the beginning of a series of missteps, lies and deception from Obama when he continued the video narrative about Benghazi, declared Yemen a success one month before its collapse, labeled ISIS a JayVee team, told the world in a press conference on August 28, 2014 that he didn’t yet have a plan to defeat ISIS, only to reiterate the same lack of strategy at the G7 Summit 10 months later in Austria by blaming the Pentagon for not producing an acceptable plan to degrade and defeat ISIS. Recently, he declared ISIS to be “contained”, less than 24 hours before the Paris attacks.


On July 3, 2013, after the Muslim Brotherhood broke every promise about bringing Egypt together, the Egyptian military staged a coup to depose Mohamed Morsi that also brought Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to power as el-Sisi became the new anti-Muslim Brotherhood leader of Egypt.  There is no greater enemy to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt than Abdel Fattah el-Sisi which is why Obama and Erdogan despise el-Sisi.

Iran Deal

After Obama sealed the misguided Iran deal that was designed to remove all sanctions against Iran and release $150B back to Tehran, he unwittingly ignited the destruction of his own Middle East Strategy.


After the Russian reset button, and Obama’s feckless “red-line” in Syria, Vladimir Putin knew he could seize opportunities in Crimea and Ukraine with only the typical sanctions as penalty. Russia endured the Ukrainian sanctions, drop in oil prices, and loss of key trade partners in Libya and Syria.  Russia responded by partnering with Iran and the $150B Iranian buying power to sell anti-ballistic missile systems and enriched Uranium to their biggest trade partner in the region. This is all thanks to Obama’s Iran Deal and Hillary’s Uranium One Deal.

Syrian Refugees

As a result of Obama’s Middle East strategy and the conflict in Syria, defenseless victims fled their borders for safety. They fled to Erdogan’s Turkey, Obama’s America, and Europe.


The attacks in Paris, along with the downing of a Russian commercial airliner changed everything and sparked a new alliance that put some NATO forces together with Russia to take out ISIS once and for all.

Call it dumb luck or just plain dumb foreign policy, but the Muslim Brotherhood, Erdogan, Obama alliance and Middle East strategy started to crumble when Putin, France and England decided they had enough refugees, and enough ISIS terror attacks in their cities and airways.

Removing ISIS supply lines, oil trucks, and attacking key ISIS assets with strategic air strikes have revealed that Obama never had any intention of taking down ISIS, and also showed that Obama’s focus was squarely on removing al-Assad from Syria.  The air strikes were finally effective because they were not bound by Obama’s ridiculous “rules of engagement” that were enforced to insure the safety of anti al-Assad rebel forces.

Putin has no such concerns and has the goods on Obama as Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev publicly blamed Obama for acting “irresponsibly” by focusing on removing al-Assad while at the same time “empowering ISIS.”

Could the Erdogan downing of a Russian fighter jet be retaliation for Putin’s aggression and his plans to rip the lid off Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood strategy to take down al-Assad? Could it be payback for Putin’s decision to destroy Obama’s anti al-Assad ISIS forces? Could it be retaliation for Medvedev who recently blew the whistle on a thin-skinned Narcissistic Obama with a foreign policy which is “irresponsible” and the cause of the Syrian refugee crisis?

The fact is the Middle East is out of control thanks to Obama’s radical ideology and misguided foreign policy.

The lesson for Obama is that he should listen to the Pentagon, Congress and the American people before seeking counsel from the Muslim Brotherhood. He definitely should try to avoid getting involved with blowing Russian fighter jets out of the sky.

To quote Obama’s personal pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright: “The Chickens have come home to Roost”.


Scott Adams is host of the Scott Adams Show.

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