SCHOOL SAYS NO MORE THOR: And Bans These Other Things Because Of ‘Racism’…

Written by Wes Walker on November 4, 2015

What is the purpose of Higher Education? Is it to grapple with life’s great mysteries? Unlock knowledge that has long been hidden? Nope. Not anymore. Now Higher Education spends its energy in conforming to fashionable political dogma.

We used to laugh at studies that wasted time and resources measuring how long it took ketchup to drip out of a glass bottle. They have traded such mundane and harmless wastes of resources for much more coercive studies.

Somehow, our society has become obsessed with rooting out all sorts of hidden sins, and demanding we collectively repent of them.  Of course, it’s always the same group defining those sins, and amazing how those sins always seem to fit neatly within one particular paradigm.

What has Professor Karl Spraklen added to the sin list?  Vikings, for one. Heavy Metal music — Folk Metal, specifically — for another.

You’ll love his explanation.  Apparently, the attraction to Viking warriors stems from a desire for “racial purity”, and “reduces belonging and identity in a multicultural cosmopolitan society to a few exclusive myths”. Essentially, they are putting women and non-whites in “their place”, so to speak.  [Oh really, Freud? You don’t say?]

He points out that the bands are reaching back to a culture that existed before modern times, and claims it’s rooted racism. Perhaps Tolkein would be similarly racist, in his mind?

Being unfamiliar with that particular genre of metal, I wanted to know who he was slagging.

Something funny turned up: at least one explanation that has absolutely nothing to do with racism.  Granted, it’s Wiki, and needs to be taken with that proverbial salt, but the genre seems to have developed in the 80’s, as a post-Christian option that rejected the Satanic imagery popular in the metal scene of the 70’s and early 80’s.

So, the current interest in Vikings might actually be rooted in a rejection of Christian ideas and symbols — which I suspect the Professor might not mind at all.

To recap: Folk Metal music, featuring Vikings is “racist”, because it’s reaching into a past that’s mono-cultural and mono-racial. Thor, specifically, is exclusive and seeks to exclude/dominate other cultures. It is wrong to elevate such examples of strength as heroes.

I guess we’ll have to limit ourselves to “enlightened” examples of entertainment. Duly noted.

While sitting down for a nice Kwanza dinner, should I discuss with my family whether to watch Chris Rock at the Apollo, listen to some classic NWA (Google it… editor won’t let me print their name), or watch a Lewis Farrakhan special (is it on BET?), maybe even get to hear fresh quotes from him calling for the deaths of white folk?

Because that’s “enlightened”, and not mono-racial at all.