DISNEY CANS ‘SEXY’ LEIA: After Gnarly Feminists Make Ridiculous Claims

This is the epitome of political correctness. There are a lot of Star Wars fans that are going to be upset about this.

According to fan site Making Star Wars, information has leaked that the famous Princess Leia ‘slave’ costume, in which she dresses as Jabba the Hutt’s servant girl, is going to be pulled from Disney merchandising indefinitely.

The news was confirmed in a Facebook thread by Star Wars comic artist J. Scott Campbell.


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So why did this happen? Well, for starters, many feminists and journalists alike have balked at the iconic “Slave Leia” costume.

“I sort of see the slave girl costume as a brief and cynical nod by Lucas to his growing nerd culture fanbase before quickly covering Leia up again.”

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