The ‘War’ On ISIS Begs The Question — Is Barack Obama…

Written by Larry Usoff on November 30, 2015

If you needed any more proof that Barack Hussein Obama (and I love those American names) is a nut-job, just keep watching the news. In the face of the terror attacks in Paris, and the potential for attacks in the United States, he still maintains that global warming or climate change, is the biggest threat to the world. According to the MedLine medical dictionary “delusion” is a false belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that persists despite the facts and occurs in some psychotic states.

So there it is…he is delusional because he believes that what he says is going to come true when the rest of the world knows, and says, differently. There was an online video circulating, from Egypt, and the three commentators all acknowledged that our Muslim-in-chief was a nut-job and that he was deliberately bringing down his own country. One of them went so far as to call him insane, and I have to concur with that assessment. Unfortunately, that video turned out to be a hoax, but I’ll bet that, in private, that’s exactly what they DO think of our mush-for-brains leader.

The ROE, or rules of engagement, for our troops actually put the odds in favor of the enemy. You cannot fight a war if you are worrying about innocent people getting killed…because that is going to happen. The Russians, the French, and the Jordanians all sent sorties to hit established targets…targets that, in some cases, our Defense Department knew about but didn’t nothing about. The question is, if we knew about these targets, why didn’t our nut-job in the White House do something about them? The Russians are using long-range heavy bombers which, I understand, are some of the same ones that have been skirting our own west coast. They are comparable to our B-52’s, many of which are sitting in the desert, being cannibalized.

Everybody says we shouldn’t put our boots on the ground in this fight, but we already have at least 50 troopers over there…as advisors. In looking at this situation, it seems that the enemy just has to pick them off one-by-one and we will not be sending any more to replace them. What happened to the troops we sent, again as advisors, to root out Boko Haram? Why are we not doing the same as the Russians…using heavy bombers to level known hideouts of the bad guys? Instead of dropping leaflets, which only help the bad guys to know our plans, we should be carpet-bombing Raaqa until it’s nothing but flattened ground. The ISIS leaders are getting money through the sale of oil, so why are we not flattening the refineries, which can be rebuilt later? The so-called surgical strikes, using a drone to get one or two guys, is expensive. A “dumb” bomb, if you use enough of them, will do the same job.

There can only be a few outcomes of this war in the muddled Middle East. The ISIS people will win, take over huge patches of land and declare a caliphate (which they’re close to doing now); the West will band together for the common defense and root out ISIS and kill every single one of them; or some lunatic will use a tactical nuclear weapon and World War Three will start…and that may have already started, without the nuke being used.

Countries have treaties with other countries, so that in time of danger, they come to the aid of their friends. More and more, under the mis-guidance of the nut-job in the White House, we are losing friends almost on a daily basis. He does not listen to his military advisors and fires those Generals and Admirals that have the temerity to voice an opinion that he doesn’t like. So, what advisors does he listen to? Valerie Jarrett? Susan Rice? Obviously he’s not listening to his FBI chief. His head honcho at Homeland Security is really just a political hack and the job is a payback for his support. In fact, that’s probably the case in most of his appointments…you work for me, I give you a cushy job with a great title, but no real power. The power, which is supposed to be equally divided between the three branches of government, now rests solely with the Executive branch and the lawless so-called President.

Anyone that asks can get a straight answer from me and there are things that can, and should, be done to bring this country back from the pit into which we’ve been thrown. A hero of mine, Neal Boortz, once likened the illegal alien problem like a boat in the middle of a lake. The boat is the Southern border. The boat springs a leak that could sink it. The leak, of course, are the thousands of illegal aliens flowing into the country…and now being imported. So the question is, do you continually bail out the water, or do you stop the leak first and then bail out the water? It’s illogical what we’re doing about illegal alien migrations. In a sense, we are importing the very people that want to, and will try to, kill us.

The American people have a right to abolish a government that is not treating them as they should be treated…and maybe it’s time to think seriously about doing that.


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Larry Usoff
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