These 6 Liberal LIES Prove Once and For All Why They Can’t Be Trusted

Written by Steve Pauwels on November 13, 2015

Let me get this straight: nothing from Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s mouth is to be believed minus three separate forms of notarized documentation confirming it? Yet, when speaketh the luminaries of the Left? Even when self-evident facts, confirmed history and increasingly rare common sense rebuff their utterances? We’re beholden to take them at face value.


Denizens of Planet Liberal have perfected this use of what is often called the “mere assertion” — their movement, in fact, lives or dies by it: Bumping into an uncomfortable or inconvenient argument, too frequently they simply rattle off a rebuttal. No need to prove it, no requirement to demonstrate its rootedness in reality. Nope — just blurt out the words. Case closed. Mission accomplished. Progressive daffiness is again free to lurch onward, unencumbered.

Responding in a recent column to some particular point of Lefty orthodoxy, the insightful Walter Williams pressed, “I’d like to see their evidence.” Of course, presumably the George Mason University professor’s demand was being delivered decidedly tongue-in-cheek. Dr. Williams is brilliant;  surely he grasps that pronouncements emerging from Liberalism’s precincts rarely require “evidence”. That burden is exerted consistently upon conservative claims alone.

“Says who?” or  “Just sayin’ it don’t make it so!” used to be mischievous — and legitimate! — rejoinders when running into blowhards promulgating gassy platitudes and baseless declarations. No longer, apparently, if it’s an Obama supporter or Nanny State devotee or social radical who’s doing the pontificating. The “evidence” for that conclusion? Just open your eyes to the squabbles sizzling on the political/cultural landscape:

— Eleven undercover videos are released, capturing Planned Parenthood-types discussing — even giggling about  — cutting up and selling for profit unborn infants. Big Abortion’s warriors’ most indignant response? “Untrustworthy footage! Dishonestly edited! ” Although that accusation has been roundly repudiated, one still finds the baby-killing naysayers recirculating it.

— Following Hillary Clinton’s latest Benghazi testimony, the ubiquitous narrative instantaneously gelled: “Hillary Unscathed!”; “Nothing New Uncovered!”; “Didn’t Lay a Glove on Her!” Four Americans abandoned and slaughtered while serving our nation in that far-flung city — but it’s blithely expected all obeisantly will bow before the former Secretary of State’s purity pleas?

“Nothing new uncovered”? How about: Hillary’s privately divulging it was a concerted terrorist attack; while somberly informing the rest of the world it was a spontaneous reaction to an anti-Muslim video?

— Proximate to this, Hillary’s email scandal: Corruption exposed, national security imperiled, “materially false statements … cover-up”, federal laws breached? Oh, it’s nothing, tut-tuts Queen Hillary and her worshipful acolytes. Quick, somebody phone the FBI, tell ’em to scratch their expanding investigation; there’s no problem; Hillary guarantees it.

— No Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq! Bush got it wrong!  Imperious progressives never tire of that one. (Disappointingly, not a few putative conservatives compliantly fall in line, reiterating the same (Bill O’Reilly? Laura Ingraham?). Mind you, it’s been disclosed considerable quantities of WMD and yellowcake uranium, in fact, were discovered in country shortly after our troops invaded; and there’s ample — but little reported — reasons indicating vast stores of chemical/biological weapons were shuttled out of Iraq in the run up to Operation Iraqi Freedom. But never mind all that! Those still twitching from Bush Derangement Syndrome sanctimoniously assure us it was all a war-mongering pipe dream. ‘Nuff said.

— What about when the “mere assertion” is two hours long and playing at the local cineplex? I’m talking about cinematic screeds like Fair Game— Sean Penn’s 2010 Bush-battering conspiracy vehicle which disfigures the real life details about “CIA operative” Valerie Plame, husband Joe Wilson and the pre-Iraq War situation; and, more contemporarily, the knee-slappingly mistitled Truth — Robert Redford’s latest foray into Liberal historic-revisionism, whitewashing the grimy details about the discredited CBS/Mary Mapes/Dan Rather hit job on GWB’s military service. In these cases, just filming it don’t make it so — or at least it shouldn’t.

— Ronald Reagan’s record, be reminded, has long been in the crosshairs of monomaniacally mendacious “mere assertions”. America’s Cold War triumph? That was Gorbachev’s (!) visionary handiwork, not RR’s. Disregard the reduntantly corroborated historical record.

The economic boom enkindled in the mid-1980s and proceeding nearly uninterrupted for the next twenty-five years? Reagan should get zero props for that, as well — cutting taxes doesn’t stimulate the economy! How do we know that? Why, tax-n-spend Hillary tells us so:  “You know that old theory, trickle-down economics … has failed rather spectacularly.” Indeed, a complete bust — other than during the Coolidge (“Roaring Twenties”), JFK (“Rising tide lifts all boats”), Bill Clinton (!) (Cap Gains tax-cut ) and Bush ’43 administrations.

The list could go on-and-on, nearly ad infinitum. As mentioned, progressives rely on the baseless attack, the unproven/unprovable contention. They, further, count on undiscriminating listeners taking it all in, buffaloed by their peremptory proclamations – then acting and voting accordingly

Critical thinkers – especially conservative ones – need to boldly reinject the “Oh, yeah? Prove it!” riposte into the national dialogue, eagerly reintroducing it to the Leftist battalions of “mere assertion” clowns.

Considering their modus operandi and track record, it’s tempting to conclude you flatly can trust nothing Liberals say; never ever, not one thing. Of course, that claim really shouldn’t be made, at least not literally. Skepticism of progressives, testing their every political/cultural articulation? Absolutely warranted.

But charging that everything that comes out of their mouth is vapid, duplicitous nonsense? That would be perilously close to a mere assertion.


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Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.