WOUNDED COMBAT VET: Brutally Calls Out The D-Bags Who Steal Valor On Veteran’s Day

Written by Omar Avila on November 9, 2015

In just a couple of days we will be celebrating Veteran’s Day — a day to honor and remember those who have served in the greatest military in the world.

However, there is a huge problem that most Americans don’t even realize is happening — and that problem is fraudulent veterans. There are individuals who have never served in the military and who claim to have done so, not just as a typical soldier, but as some of the most elite personnel that our military has to offer; they include Navy SEALs, Special Forces, MARSOC, and Rangers.

It seems to me that these people have watched one too many movies, so instead of actually joining our military and serving proudly, they Google various military units’ history and buy uniforms and medals online so that they can pretend to be something that they are not. In reality, it would actually be cheaper to join the armed forces — they will provide with plenty of uniforms, all the medals that you would get awarded, and at the end of the month they will even pay you.

But the problem doesn’t stop with civilians; there are even active duty military personnel who aren’t happy with their jobs or service and feel the need to lie so that they can look like war heroes in the eyes of the American people. A marine that I know lied about being deployed and injured in Iraq, claiming Traumatic Brain Injury from an IED that hit his vehicle; when talking to him, he stuttered so much that we never even questioned his injuries.

This Marine received a house, thousands of dollars in gifts from non-profits all over the country, and we even took him back to Iraq in a program called Operation Proper Exit. The program is intended for veterans to fly over the spot where they were injured so that they can find closure and move past that chapter of their lives. We flew over one of the most dangerous spots in Iraq at the time because he claimed that it was where his “injury” had occurred. It wasn’t until his chain of command got in contact with us that we found out this Marine had served but was NEVER deployed into any combat zone.

Then there are those who have been deployed but never went outside of the wire to fight the war that we were there for. The fortunate thing for them is that they had numerous fast food restaurants, shopping centers, pools, gyms to get fit, salsa nights, and even live entertainment from celebrities who would come perform for them. Some of them have unfortunately been injured by incoming fire while enjoying their Starbucks on the way to salsa night, but when they come home, they’re preaching a different story to the American people who would do anything to help our service members. It is sickening to me that there are individuals who would take advantage of non-profits that are meant to help service members.

This Veteran’s Day, if you feel like doing something special for a service member but feel like he may be hiding something, ask for a copy of their DD-214, ask around about them, and gather all the Intel you can to prove that he or she is telling the truth. It is unfortunate that we now have to take such drastic measures to prove who the true veterans are.

To those like us past and present, I salute you, our fallen brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate sacrifice and I salute you for your service to the greatest country in the world.

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