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Four Things Democrats Are Doing Right Now To Ensure TOTAL People Control

The most devastating effects of the Obama presidency may occur outside his reign in office: the redistribution and control of people. This will complete the communist and federalized vision by Democrats, and is done by forcing suburban America to build low-income housing to attract (or mandate) the introduction of inner city low-income families.

In a recent move by Housing and Urban Development, America’s suburbs are being “encouraged” (forced) by the federal government to create this low-income housing by assuming that it creates racial diversity, a sentiment that itself is racist.

This does four things to ensure total people control:

1. Creates race wars in small towns. Local politicians in communities that import low-income people can use racism, assuming that people of other colors are the primary low-income resident, as a way to shame and attack their constituents. It will be charged that only racist white people would leave the city to escape diversity. They are punished for thinking this way by being forced to pay for public housing.

2. Destroy the character of the American suburb. Exporting people who are dependent upon government, bringing their Democrat voting habits and their lack of resources, they effectively destroy whatever natural attraction (or free market reason) someone may move to a specific suburb. This, in turn, dramatically alters the character, crime rate, and vibe of a smaller city and makes it feel like a larger city.

3. Removes choice and renders local government useless. The party of “pro-choice” will eventually disallow any American to move to places that don’t have massive community housing and large parts of their government that cater to, and spend money on, low-income residents. Not having significant public spending will no longer be an option, and local elections will become useless as local politicians have no choice but to execute a massive federal spending plan.

4. Create more spending in smaller communities. Now that books are found online, the need for larger libraries is a hard sell to residents who have escaped the higher taxes and wasteful spending of large urban areas. With the financial necessity of propping up low-income residents, directed by the federal government, local Democrats can successfully guilt small communities into raising taxes to fund other kinds of “public” buildings. Bike paths, community centers, parks can be created and paid for by those who will never use them and don’t want them.

The effort creates one large federal government community where people are forced into nationalized policy, nationalized money, and nationalized views on life and public policy. It all starts with fairness: fair housing and fair representation that goes along with it. Don’t forget the fair redistribution of your money.


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Ian Bayne

Ian Bayne is a former radio talk show host and political consultant. He is currently a small business owner living in central Illinois. Follow him on Twitter @ ianbayneisright