Transgender Surgery Is Now Considered as Life-Saving as THIS Type of Surgery

Published on December 5, 2015

by Ian Bayne
Clash Daily Contributor

You’ll now pay for transgender operations and feel good about it. 
This is according to a college professor out of Johns Hopkins University.
In what may be the newest bailout in Washington, it’s apparently become as necessary as cancer treatment. Better yet, it’s economical, too, says the article.
Maybe we’ll see a bill filed? The Transgender Recovery Act of 2015 or Let’s Get America Transgendered and Back to Work.
The Atlantic published a recent story that breaks everything down in a way that insults the intelligence of their readers while simultaneously insults cancer survivors by comparing their treatment to a transgender operation.
They point out that Obamacare (or whoever) could pay for 15 gender reassignment surgeries instead of just one cancer treatment, too. Useful information.
The main argument goes something like this: if a transgender patient gets cancer because they were refused “preventative care”, then the insurance company loses money. This is a little like saving money by not spending money. Ever “not spent” $1,000 at the casino and then bought yourself a new cell phone, claiming that you’re financially ahead? It’s exactly the same concept.
But what’s most insulting is the redefinition of necessary.
The American College of Physicians, American Medical Association, and the American Psychological Association (yes, the ones that said homosexuality was a mental illness just a few decades ago), all decided that gender-transition services are “medically necessary.”
This after CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield announced they would now cover this kind of operation.
Professor William Padula went a step further, no doubt to ensure his name appears in the story, by saying that transgender body part-swapping is as “necessary” as cancer treatment.
“[It’s] the same as saying if you have cancer, you need chemotherapy if you are going to survive,” he said.
Using statistics that show transgender people commit suicide at a much higher rate, 41%, to non-transgender people, at 4.6%. He claims that if a gay person doesn’t get transgender surgery they will kill themselves.
The same logic could be applied to someone in a tremendous amount of debt. Will the government come around and pay it off to prevent a suicide? Don’t bet on it.
The good news? If your son goes for a pap smear, it’s now covered.
The professor threw this nugget of wisdom in, too, “we consider that this coverage is of really good value and it’s a low-budget impact for society from an insurance standpoint.”
I think the Democrats just found another fresh-faced con-artist professor to run for political office.

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Ian Bayne is the morning talk show host on Newstalk 98.3 in Bloomington/Champaign, IL. He is on twitter at @ianbayneisright

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