Mom Beats 16 Year Old Boy Senseless, Trashes His Car…Reason WHY Will Make You Cheer

Was this mom justified? We think so! There should be more parents like this out there.

An Arizona woman was arrested when she told police that she beat a 16-year-old boy and destroyed his car after she found him in bed with her teenage daughter.

Jeanette Woods, of Mesa, found the boy in her 16-year-old daughter’s bed on Thanksgiving after the teens had consensual sex and fell asleep.

Woods, 36, discovered him in the bed at about 1am and the boy awoke to find Woods punching him in the face, court records said.

The boy said Woods repeatedly punched him in the face and body as she straddled him on the bed.

He finally broke free, but Woods chased him out of the house and down the street while continuing to attack him until the boy began to vomit, according to KSAZ.

When Woods finally stopped punching the teen, she said she was ‘going to get her cousins to take care of him’.

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