Teacher Sues School After Nearly DYING, The Reason Why Will Make You ANGRY AS HELL

Teachers and police officers alike, who are supposed to be civil servants, cannot even do their job anymore without their life being in danger.

A teacher in Minnesota is suing a school district after he was choked unconscious by a student as he tried to break up a fight in the lunchroom.

John Ekblad, a science teacher at Central High School in St Paul is suing St Paul Public Schools claiming that the district failed to keep its teachers safe.

On December 4, Ekblad was allegedly body slammed into a cafeteria table and choked by a student as he tried to break up a fight.

The student, 16-year-old Fon’Tae O’Bannon was charged with third-degree assault for allegedly choking Ekblad until he was unconscious.

O’Bannon has since pleaded guilty to the attack in a juvenile court, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported.

Ekblad was hospitalized after he suffered brain damage and a concussion in the incident, according to CBS Minnesota.

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