Troubling and Unanswered Questions About the San Bernardino Massacre

Written by Allan Erickson on December 13, 2015

In the aftermath of the horrific Christmas party massacre in San Bernardino, where Islamic supremacists targeted Jews, Christians and other “kafirs”, serious questions must be asked, not only about national security and the lack of any strategy coming from the White House, but about this current investigation as well.
Many observers found it odd that so many law enforcement officers converged on the scene, so quickly, so well-equipped.  Law enforcement had armored vehicles, robots and a huge officer presence on the scene very rapidly.  If that was par for the course in this age of terrorism, then that is great news.  However, many have asked if there was some advance notice, or if it was merely a coincidence that SWAT training exercises were being conducted nearby, which is the police chief’s explanation. 
Another puzzling and troubling development: allowing media into the apartment of the murderers so soon after that part of the crime scene had been cleared to news cameras.  According to the landlord, law enforcement (FBI) gave him permission to open the apartment door only one day after the shootings.  The cable TV media circus that followed was bizarre.  MSNBC was the worst, presenting live video of photos, identification and other items strewn about the place.  Much of the material appeared to be useful evidence, such as shredded documents.   What was it doing just lying there? One reporter said they saw no fingerprint dusting, a usual sight at crime scenes.  Why was media granted unsupervised access so soon?  Didn’t that access contaminate that part of the crime scene, potentially compromising further investigation of accomplices and prosecutions?  Many seasoned observers were astounded that proper procedure was being ignored, and some speculated this reckless behavior could be part of a cover up?
And what happened to the third suspect?  Even if you dismiss the report of a third shooter as a mistake in the middle of all the chaos and carnage, it is strange reviewing the record, noticing that law enforcement through multiple sources confirmed for reporters the presence of a third shooter, one apparently still at large, since we’ve heard no follow up report confirming this aspect of the event true or false.
Another odd aspect of the entire situation, the delay in releasing a photo of the murderess.  Was it because the only photo officials had showed her dressed as a Muslim. Were they trying to minimize anti-Muslim reaction?
Even more bizarre, two attorneys for the mother of the murderer, attempting to deflect blame, indicating this was an act of workplace violence, that the perpetrators were provoked, that it had nothing to do with Islamic teaching.  All this was put in perspective when it was reported all the victims had given the killer couple a baby shower months ago.  More perspective was gained when both the mother and the father told reporters their son had become fascinated with ISIS, even as other sources confirmed his wife had been radicalized in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
As the attorneys were attempting to shine a spotlight on supposed Islamophobia, the Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR) was telling the world the killers should be respected because they were fighting for justice, something CAIR knows all about of course, an organization with proven ties to Jihadist organizations, one supportive of Hamas in particular.  What about justice for the Americans slaughtered by these animals.
Perhaps the most bizarre dimension came with a president of the United States telling us gun control in America is the answer to this crisis, changing course from last week when he told us fighting climate change would be our deliverance from Jihad, a word he never uses.  He went further however.  He told us the woman killer in San Bernardino did not come into the country with a visa, a complete lie.  She obtained a visa and was vetted by DHS and other authorities!  So much for having confidence this government can vet tens of thousands of refugees, many of whom will undoubtedly be ISIS operatives, like this woman and her husband.
They killed 14 of our fellow citizens and wounded 17, some remaining in critical condition.  They achieved this mass murder using specially modified AR15 rifles capable of spraying rounds like a machine gun, once modified. They acquired these rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition, illegally, in a state that bans them. So much for confidence in the effectiveness of gun control laws.   And now the president and the attorney general tell us if we speak up against Islamic supremacists and Jihad, we may be subject to prosecution, as American citizens, in our own country.   Something is beyond screwy Louie.  We have entered the Twilight Zone.

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.