VIDEO: Crazy Chick Arrested After Kicking Cop in The …

If you want to get arrested but are not sure how, just do what this chick did.

A Florida woman was caught on camera kicking a police officer in a local Department of Motor Vehicles office after she had a blazing row with another DMV employee.

Eleanore Stern, 31, from Boca Raton, kicked a Florida Highway Patrol trooper at the Deerfield Beach DMV after he was called to remove her from the building.

Stern can be seen aggressively turning to face the trooper as she fights with him and holds onto him. He keeps calm but attempts to get her under control and throws her to the ground.

In a bid to stop her attack, he covers her with his entire body but she does not stop assaulting the officer. Instead she can be seen spinning around on the floor as he battles to get her to stop.

She manages to wriggle away once more and the trooper follows her trying to stop her. He eventually manages to haul her out of the DMV office as shocked eyewitnesses look on.

Video of the incident was posted to Facebook by an eyewitnesses who saw Stern assault the trooper.

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