WATCH What Happens When Moron Says TERRORISTS Are Just Like Americans For This Reason

You can’t make this crap up anymore. Watch what happens when this Muslim tries comparing terrorists to law-abiding American citizens.

Conservative commentator and retired U.S. Army colonel Kurt Schlichter‘s expression alone was proof that he could not believe what he was hearing when a CNN contributor likened Islamic terrorists to Americans motivated by a love of guns.

Saying Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump “is a symptom of a wider political culture of Islamophobia,” London-born author Arun Kundnani stunned fellow panelists on the network on Tuesday during a fiery debate.

“The main trend we’re seeing in Muslim terrorism is that Muslims are no longer focusing on planes when they commit acts of terrorism, they’re carrying out mass shootings,” he said. “So, in other words, Muslim terrorists are becoming more like Americans. They’re integrating into American gun culture.”

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