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What If We Had Leaders That Were Truly Committed To This ONE Thing?

Complex. Tortuous. The 24 hour news cycle, Useful Idiots otherwise known as talking heads, and our leaders to the top level of our Government wring their hands in apparent dismay. Several core tenets shape my thinking.

1 – Of the seven things God hates, Prov 6:17 details, “Hands that shed innocent blood.” The corollary analysis is that the Lord loves hands that protect innocent blood. That simplifies things. ISIS / ISIL sheds innocent blood. Our Pres acts with the appearance of incompetence, or does not act at all, making him in cahoots with the animals shedding innocent blood.

2. Near and Far. After commanding Artillery units in the Army and working some time in Intelligence assignments, I learned to look for an enemy’s one / two punch. The one that is near, constantly jabbing, until the one from far off (second echelon) comes zooming in for the knockout. In the Artillery and Intelligence worlds, we learned to target that second echelon, rendering it moot before it arrives.

The Near passages for what we see in the Middle East come from Psalm 83. Those enemies are Arab and Sunni. They either descend from Ham or intermarried with Ham’s children. Key is that they are the close up enemies.

The far passages are Ezekiel 38 – 39. Those enemies of Israel are beyond the borders of the ones described in Psalm 83. The primary leaders of that coalition descend from Japheth and Shem. Russia and Persia. On the Persian side, they are Shi’ite.

That describes the players, but what are they doing? Why is Turkey shooting down Russian airplanes?

Not as complicated as one might think. Moscow and Tehran already form a political / economic axis that runs north and south. It dominates central Asia and vast oil and gas resources. There is probably a deal in place that they will support each other’s political / military plays when the time comes.

Turkey opposes that north – south axis because the Turkic people straddle central Asia from present day Turkey to the Shan Mountains on the Chinese border. In other words, from east to west. That is a mostly Sunni people striving to reestablish the Sunni Caliphate taking on a Shi’ite people and their Scythian (Russ) partners. Of course they are shooting at each other.

And don’t forget the oil.

Obama and the idiots in D.C. let the Internat Monetary fund make the Yuan a world Reserve currency. Yea, we suck and it will suck for all of us but here is the deal. Since the 1970s, when the U.S. got off the Gold standard, the dollar was supported by Oil. A lot of things will happen the next decade but the Yuan is not supported by oil. It is supported by Communism. Ideology. Like the Obama crowd, hard lessons land on nations that choose stupid ideology over substantive belief anchored to truth.

My money is on oil and liquefied Gas. Europeans are making decades long contracts for liquefied petroleum with just two nations. The United States and Canada. That means a lot of stable cash flow in the currency of your choice for our resources. It won’t take long to figure out that the Chinese are running their printing presses to buy oil. I wonder if people clean off their dollars and begin using the Yuan to wipe their… You know.

I described the Near Enemies of Israel – who are also our enemies – and the far off enemies of Israel who also hate the West. This morning, I hit an old verse in Amos 7:1. Read it in the NKJV, first. Then read the direct translation from the Septuagint, below. I even highlighted the text with a link so you can go look at it.

Amos 7:1 Thus has the Lord God shewed me; and, behold, a swarm of locusts coming from the east; and, behold, one caterpillar, king Gog

King Gog. He pops up several hundred years later when Ezekiel writes chapters 38 and 39. The key with Gog is that he has no regard for Innocent blood. The Doors sing, “This is the end…” but with Gog, he swarms and consumes until he ends himself. I hope he chokes on used paper Yuan.

It is simple, really. The Lord loves those who protect Innocent Blood. Pray for new leaders in our nation who actively, strategically, and with determination protect innocent blood. Especially from Gog and the coming worthless Yuan. Pay attention… Nations that protect innocent blood tend to surge economically with amazing blessings. People of all nations flock to the protector nations, bringing ideas, ingenuity, creativity, and strong work ethics. I had to say that for those of you who did not pay attention to the last two and a half centuries of U.S. History.

Share if you are hoping leaders will rise up who are committed to protecting innocent blood.


Clearchus is the author of three Science Fiction books: Sunigin, Insurgio and Certo (Available at Amazon) about the next Texas Revolution. He is a retired Army Field Artilleryman who was one of the last men in the U.S. Army to command an M110 8" Howitzer firing battery. He currently designs computer networks for commercial, non-profit, and government environments. Married for 32 years to the most gorgeous babe he knows, he and his wife have four kids. Their lives and perspectives straddle military assignments, combat tours, and mission trips across Europe, Asia, and the Horn of Africa.