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WOUNDED COMBAT VET: Has A BRUTAL Message For Obama & Libs About #SanBernardino Terrorist Attack

Here’s the cold hard truth: that’s a dead Jihadi Female TERRORIST, heavily armed, with body armor on U.S. SOIL.

Their car was rigged with explosives, their home rigged with explosives and even cameras to record the carnage for TERRORIST propaganda. Now, she is laying dead in the street after a firefight with law enforcement, following her involvement in the murder of U.S. innocents in a gun free zone.

If you don’t see this for what it is — then we have a serious problem

If you don’t see this for what it is — then you may be part of the problem. There is no such thing as a utopia and terrorism is real.

Now the President, Liberals and the Media don’t want to call it for what it is — a terrorist attack in American soil — and instead they’re calling it an “INCIDENT”.

Instead of sending our thoughts and prayers to the families who have been affected by the terrorist attack, Obama wants to take our weapons away. We don’t need more gun control, what we need are ADULTS who aren’t afraid to see this for what it is and defeat it!

My biggest question is this: where are all of those people who changed their profile pictures to the French flag when Paris was attacked? Where is your profile picture with the American Flag or the California Flag?

Does our country not matter to you?

Get your heads out of your asses, liberals, and let the rest of us “Sheep Dogs” get to work.

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Omar Avila

Sgt. Omar Avila is a wounded warrior, fighter, motivational speaker, and U.S. Infantry Veteran. Follow Omar on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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