’13 HOURS’ Movie Critic Says, ‘G*d Damn’ The Lying Media ‘To Hell’ …

Is ’13 Hours’ going to finally be the movie that wakes up the public to what happened in Benghazi?

Director Michael Bay’s riveting, heartbreaking, and infuriating “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” opens with five simple words:  “This Is a True Story.” What it should have read was, “This Is a True Story The Media Has Covered Up For Years.”

God damn these people to Hell.

Let me start things off by pointing and laughing at George Clooney, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Tim Robbins, John Cusack, Leonardo Di Caprio, Paul Greengrass, Matt Damon, and Paul Haggis — all of whom made films critical of a sitting president’s foreign policy that ended up being, not only box office catastrophes, but creative embarrassments; completely forgettable, preachy, pedantic, just plain lousy movies no one will ever see again.

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Now I have even worse news for them…

Michael Bay — you know, the guy who makes those “Transformers” movies —  just made a film critical of a sitting president’s foreign policy, and knocked it straight out of the park.

Bay’s “13 Hours” is not only a compelling, unbearably tense, brilliantly choreographed action film, but like a true artist, he does not stoop to being preachy or pedantic to make a damning case against a Obama Administration, that not only has a depraved indifference towards the truth, but also towards American lives.

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