How Obama Is Using Veterans to Seize Our Guns and Our Rights

Written by Rob Morse on January 16, 2016

President Obama spoke to the nation about guns two weeks ago. At first the president said he didn’t want to take guns from honest citizens, and then he said he did. This isn’t an abstract theory of gun confiscation; this is what we see Obama practice every day. This is what Obama has done before and what he will do again. I was first aware of Obama disarming honest citizens when it happened to military veterans. We are all veterans now.

– A veteran friend of mine had trouble sleeping due to sore joints. At first the Veteran’s Administration said it was all in his head. They claimed he had post-traumatic stress disorder and he only thought his joints hurt. The VA sent him to a psychiatrist. Fortunately, the psychiatrist actually looked and listened to my friend. The shrink diagnosed my friend’s arthritis and sent him home. That was a few years ago. Today, President Obama wants my friend put on the FBI data base as a prohibited person and barred from owning firearms due to PTSD. Depending on the state where he lived, my friend’s entire family might be disarmed.

The president said veterans are a threat to this country, and Obama is willing to take my friend’s guns. Then, maybe, my friend can hire a lawyer and try to get his guns back. The lawyer has to prove my friend is not a danger to himself or others. That seems like being guilty until you prove you’re innocent. Just as with being placed on the no-fly list, there is no defined legal process to get your rights restored once you’ve been reported to the FBI background check data base. I’m pretty sure the US is not supposed to work that way.

– Obama tried to take the right of self-defense from some veterans and social security recipients who were no risk to themselves or others. Suppose you were fighting an illness in injury and wanted to concentrate on your recovery. Maybe you’re taking treatment in a remote city. You’d ask someone to manage your bills while you’re fighting this illness. The person who manages your money is called a fiduciary payee if you receive veteran’s benefits or social security benefits. If you have a fiduciary payee, then President Obama told the VA and Social Security administration to turn your name into the FBI database because you’re mentally incompetent to own a firearm. Congratulations, you’ve lost your right of self-defense for life … or at least until you get well and save up enough money to hire a lawyer to try and get your rights back.

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– I hate it when people are attacked and abused. I hate it when those same victims are re-victimized by our government. I know victims of domestic abuse who now carry a gun to make sure they are not victimized again. These days, divorce lawyers routinely ask for restraining orders in an effort to sway a judge’s decision. That means the divorcing couple can lose their right to own or have access to a firearm for life.

An abuser can deliberately file a false claim and use a restraining order to disarm the true victim. That makes the victim more vulnerable, not less. Obama says gun control could save one life. I see cases where forced disarmament has cost us lives. Welcome to the kinder and gentler Obama Administration.

– Unfortunately, it gets worse. Rape and battery can leave psychological scars as well as physical scars. Treatment may involve both medication and counselling. Either could be cause for the rape or assault victim to lose their right to own a gun in some states. If the original attack wasn’t enough to cause depression, being re-victimized and disarmed by the government would sure depress me.

– Physical attacks are serious, but thankfully they are rare. There are some more common ways for honest and innocent firearms owners to be legally disarmed by the anti-gun Obama Administration. Postpartum depression, or the baby blues, affects about one out of 9 women. The severity varies widely. These women should not be disarmed simply because they seek a doctors help after childbirth. They should not have to hire a lawyer to get the human right of self-defense recognized by an anti-gun bureaucracy.

Doctors are already required to report patients who are a danger to themselves or others. Three serious conditions will lead a doctor to worry about a patient owning guns; conditions like schizophrenia, depression and post-traumatic stress. Those illnesses are not easy to diagnose, and it is very difficult for a doctor to tell when a patient will be a violent.

Bureaucrats can’t make those subtle decisions. Bureaucrats act on rules. Government bureaucrats are also known for abusing their rules and regulations to please their political masters. The right of self-defense is too important to leave to either politicians or unelected bureaucrats.

Self-defense saves many lives every day. The right of self-defense is certainly too important to leave to Barack Obama’s phone and his pen.

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