ANOTHER Muslim Rape Incident In Germany — This Time It Was At A Public…

Written by Thomas Holmes on January 14, 2016

It’s looking like there’s more and more opportunity for German vigilante groups to continue punching the clock- to say nothing of immigrant criminal’s faces. Clash Daily reported that many Germans are taking the law into their own hands in response to a flurry of New Years sex assaults by Muslim migrants. Now, MailOnline reported on January 12th that a gang of Syrian teenagers- all under 15- sexually assaulted two German teenage girls.

Three Syrian teenagers arrested in Munich for attack on girls at public pool. The three boys, all aged under 15, circled the two girls then groped them. One was arrested for rape and the other for assault, it has been reported.

The boys allegedly cornered a 17-year-old girl at a public swimming pool and groped her, which qualifies as “rape” under local law. They also are bing charged for sexual assault of the girl’s 14 year old sister when she tried to intervene on her older sister’s behalf.

How proud the boy’s parents must be for obeying Sharia Law.

Fortunately, the girls were able to escape and alert the lifeguard who called the police. But since the poor little scamps are only 15 they will only be prosecuted under juvenile law. I guess no one really noticed that sexual assault is a pretty damn adult thing to do.

This news comes on the same day that Breitbart reports that German Federal police officers are being purposefully hindered in investigating migrant criminals. Contrast that with reports that police are instead aggressively scouring the streets for German citizens who might look like vigilante types. There’s a clear double standard in Germany meant to protect the government’s insane investment in Islamic “refugees” at the cost of their own citizen’s safety.

The obvious line in the sand Germany and much of Europe is already faced with crossing- and might be upcoming for America- is at what point do you defy the government in order to protect yourself, family and constitutional rights. It also begs the question of when left leaning women will begin asking why is the Party that supposedly protects them in this mythical “war on women” at the same time so eager to support a religion and culture that enslaves and legally rapes them?

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