Hillary Rejected By Own Leftist Group…And the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” Loves it

Written by Wes Walker on January 14, 2016

Is Hillary feeling the Bern? Will she blame this on a Vast Right Wing conspiracy? No, wait, Bernie’s an admitted Socialist, so who does she blame this on? Scapegoating can get so confusing.

In a move that must seem like a political coup to team Bernie — and a knife in the back to Hillary supporters — the leftist political machine “moveon.org” has declared its support for the old white guy. (And be warned, is most likely dusting off the all-but-forgotten age-ist victim cards for just such an occasion.)

If you are too young to remember Clinton’s presidency, or don’t pay much attention to what the left is up to, this may not seem like a big deal. But it is a significant development in taking the pulse of the Left.

Three hundred forty thousand members of the 8 million member organization voted for which Democrat leader they should endorse.  Sanders garnered 78.6 percent of that vote. Hillary had only 14.6, and they are going to throw their weight behind Bernie.

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According to an article put out by their own members, they like his anti-Corporatism, his social justice positions, his anti-war positions, and “electability” (ie. perceived potential turnout),

Considering the origin of the organization, throwing Hillary overboard is almost unthinkable. It was started in response to the impeachment proceedings of her husband. Think “move on, already, let’s focus on something important” (officially Censure and Move On).

This was an organization launched with the express purpose of shielding Democrat royalty from inquiries about behaviour that would leave the CEO of any corporation thrown out on his ass. Not just the sex with a subordinate, but also inquiries about someone with the highest levels of security clearance lying under oath.

That was their origin story. And now, long after she stood by her man, the movement that helped her do so has discarded her for some old white guy now pandering to the public even more than she is.

You have to wonder if their membership has finally wised up to (or run out of ideas to justify) Hillary being a chronically lying opportunist. Or didn’t like their support being taken for granted by someone who considered herself entitled to it.

Maybe it was Benghazi. Maybe it was the deleted emails and the smug “wipe it?” lies. Or the chronic scapegoating.  Those are reason enough to turf her. Part of me wonders if the superficial support for rape victims juxtaposed against her vicious attacks against those who claimed criminal wrongdoing on Bill’s part that put the final nail in this coffin.

Ultimately, does it matter which personal failing was the one to do her it? In the end, let’s make sure we aren’t so single-minded into the fight against Hillary that we wind up blindsided if a different contender shows up for the final bout.

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