Chris Matthews Throws Hillary a Softball Question, But She Wasn’t Expecting This To Happen

Written by Wes Walker on January 6, 2016

Pop quiz: if someone asked “are you a Socialist”, would you have an answer? What if they asked how you were different from this or that political leaning? Could you more or less find yourself in the political spectrum?

Some of you certainly could, others might answer with a blank stare. That’s ok, and not really a big deal. Why? Because most likely, you are not a professional politician.

Now suppose someone intent on becoming President of the United States were asked the same question: should they be able to answer it? Because one of the alleged frontrunners was completely stumped by it.

Chris Matthews asked Hillary a question that, for anyone else, would have been a softball question. We’re talking slow-pitch. Practically t-ball. Her reply? Swing and a miss.

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Chris Matthews: “… I want to help you […] locate yourself politically in this country. Bernie Sanders calls himself a Socialist, he runs against Democrats.” […] “You’re a Democrat […] what’s the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat?”

Remember, this is Matthews: the same guy who got tingles up his leg when Obama won. He’s her obvious cheerleader. He’s actively trying to frame the question in her favour as he asks it. He isn’t asking for the differences between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. Just “how are you different from Sanders?” She’s running against him, you’d hope she’d have given this question some thought by now.

And when she tries to duck the question, Matthews actually calls her on it. “I’m asking YOU. Would you like someone calling you a Socialist, I wouldn’t like someone calling me a Socialist.”

“I’m not one … I’m a Progressive Democrat,” she stammered.  Matthews pressed further: “How is that different from a Socialist?”

“I’m a Progressive Democrat who likes to get things done — who believes we are better off in this country when we are trying to solve problems together.” (Followed by other political claptrap non-answers.)

To his credit, again, Matthews reminded the audience that she had refused to answer this question, as had Debbie Wasserman-Schultz before her.

For perspective, some of us actually remember the circus leading up to Obama beating Hillary in 2008. What concerned us back then was the small matter of Obama having the most liberal voting record of any Senator. Hillary was a “moderate” by comparison.

And yet, I cannot think of a single incidence where Obama tacked even further Left that Hillary didn’t tag along. You cannot drift endlessly away from the political center, and still claim moderate belief. Even their own beloved JFK would be unwelcome in their party today.

Even First-Term Obama — with his purported support of traditional marriage — would be denounced by Second-Term Obama.

The reason Hillary cannot tell you what defines her politically is most likely because she herself does not know. Like many in her party, she has no philosophical underpinning, beyond change for change’s sake. “Progressive.” It’s right there in the name.

She is a kite in the political wind, willing to wear whatever mask necessary to grab that brass ring. Nothing more.

Watch the video below:

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