GERMAN TEEN VICTIM Of Muslim SEX MOB Unloads On Islam … Colonge Is Now A ‘NO-GO’ Area For Women

Published on January 6, 2016

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When is Angela Merkel going to wake up and realize that she brought this into her very own country? What would you do if you were a young woman living in Germany?

An 18-year-old victim of the sex attacks in Cologne has described being surrounded by a group of 30 ‘angry’ men who groped her and her friends then stole their belongings as they fled.

The teenager, named only as Michelle, appeared on German TV to recount the harrowing ordeal she endured during the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations last week.

Police say the wave of attacks – which has so far seen 90 women report being assaulted – were perpetrated by groups of ‘Arab or North African‘ men in the city centre.

Michelle’s shocking testimony comes as the city’s own council today admitted its town centre was now a ‘no-go area’ for women, while it has emerged similar attacks occurred the same night across Hamburg and Stuttgart.

Alarmingly, police in Dusseldorf fear the attacks may be linked to a known criminal gang comprising 2,000 North African men who use sexual assault as a means of distraction.

And while German media and authorities stand accused of covering up previous incidents to avoid stoking tensions, there are fears the upcoming carnival celebrations in Cologne will see a repeat of the brazen attacks.

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Not only is Cologne now a no-go zone, but the Mayor is not shockingly blaming the attacks on the victims themselves. Where is the feminist outrage over this?

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The Mayor of the City were hundreds of women were robbed, sexually attacked, molested, even raped on New Years Eve is blaming the victims. Worse still, the Mayor is a woman.

The mayor of Köln, Henriette Reker, intends to publish a behavioral code for the forthcoming carnival in Köln. But if you think that this behavioral code is meant for the Muslim mobs, you are wrong. This behavioral code is meant for the victims, the women.

Rather than focus on the astonishing number of criminals involved in the incident and the broader issues such violence points to, however, Reker determined women, such as those who were randomly attacked days ago, are the key to a solution. In order “to prevent such incidents from ever happening again,” Reker proposed that women adhere to a “code of conduct,” the Independent reported on Tuesday.

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