CNN Op-Ed Calls for Obama to Declare THIS Against 2nd Amendment…Your Jaw Will DROP

Written by Thomas Holmes on January 8, 2016

Apparently, the liberal left prefers martial law enforced by a sympathetic totalitarian regime to empowered citizens who see through Marxist idiocy. At least, with CNN contributor, Elliot Fineman’s latest op-ed, the lines of demarcation are becoming clearer. In his piece Mr. Fineman, whose son was killed with a legally purchased gun, demands that President Obama declare a “National State of Emergency” because gun violence is now a “public health crisis”. For the Lefties, changing reality by deciding things they don’t like are now something else- like gun ownership is a now public health issue- recently became a whole lot easier when President Obama woke up one morning and decided that Doctors should report gun-owning patients they suspect are “mentally ill”.

Mr. Fineman writes that he wants to “scare gun lobby and pro-gun lawmakers,” because he thinks guns are an “epidemic” as opposed to terrorism, government spending or Presidential overreach.

Mr. Fineman elaborates on his insanity by demanding laws such as requiring fingerprint security on triggers to ensure that only people whose fingerprints are stored within the gun can fire it. Essentially requiring everyone can only posses a James Bond level firearm. Naturally, such legislation executive orders would provide a huge opportunity to automatically criminalize any firearm without these safeguards.

You see, according to Mr. Fineman, President Obama’s rash of power-grabbing, 2nd Amendment gutting, actions are nice starts but “largely symbolic” compared to the depth of the real evil. Mr. Fineman writes, “it’s the guns not the mental disability that leads to massacres”. I can only assume Mr. Fineman is including Islam under “mental disabilities”.

Mr. Fineman’s personal grief apparently warped any rational sensibility he might have once possessed. Nonetheless, I’m sure President Obama is doing cartwheels in the Oval Office now that someone else requested martial law against the 2nd Amendment.

One down, 25 to go.

Mr. Fineman’s real problem is his myopic guns are the root of all evil grandstanding. He ignores or is blind to the fact that the very administration he insists should declare a National State of Emergency against this so-called “epidemic” is preventing law enforcement from investigating real dangers. Anti-gun advocates couldn’t care less that evidence shows that stricter gun laws actually leads to higher murder rates or that statistics about “mass violence” are largely made up. For them, it’s all about manipulating lies until they’re perceived as truth to then justify a centralized power directing American’s lives.

Frankly, and with all due respect to Mr. Fineman’s grief, if his son or anyone else had been armed for self-defense that night events could very likely have gone much differently.

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