Common Core Exec CAUGHT On Video ADMITTING Their Progressive Agenda

Before everyone gets hyper-focused on European culture effectively setting itself on fire through Islamic submission and our own borders being illegally overrun, let’s try to remember where this Marxist indoctrination began: school. 21st Century America is currently “enjoying’ the fruits of a generation plus of anti-competitive sports in schools, social integration lessons and ex-hippies hiding their bongs and years of fist shaking behind university tenure. Undoubtedly, the most recent and arguably, worst crime against American children and the very definition of “education” is Common Core. And now, in a January 21st Breitbart exclusive, we get the truth about Common Core’s hate-based agenda straight from one of the sources, textbook publisher, Pearson.

The Project Veritas interview was taken with former Pearson Senior Sales Representative, Kim Koerber who showed no hesitation bragging about all of the ignorance she learned while shilling Common Gore junk. You see, according to Ms. Koerber, a bunch of “dead white guys did not create this country…it was a whole bunch of different kinds of people…but they [conservatives] want to talk about those dead white guys.” Yep, all those lies about America being founded by revolutionary free thinkers who were willing to fight for Man’s God-given rights is simply a bunch of conservative hogwash.

I know it’s conservative malarkey because Ms. Koerber goes on to (several times) blame conservatives and their unwillingness to do things like ignore the 2nd Amendment as part of Constitutional education. Conservatives who disagree with Common Core’s interpretation of history are, according to Ms. Koerber, “idiots and they don’t know what’s in it [the Constitution]… they don’t really know what they are talking about.”

Additionally, Ms. Koerber was all too eager to disparage Christianity while explaining why Islam gets included in Common Core American History books. She also eagerly explained that conservatives suck at the world because they oppose knowledge and the obvious values Common Core offers while in the same interview letting her intolerance slip by stating “If I could remove Fox from my television set, I would.”

I think my favorite piece of evidence that Ms. Koerber clearly drunk a bit more of her own Kool-Aid is the fact that practically every bomb she dropped on conservatives: intolerance, ignorance, fear of opposition etc., she was guilty of in this very interview.

Raise your hands if anyone thinks she has the education to see that.

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