DEAR NATIONAL REVIEW: Is Laura Ingraham Also A ‘FOOL’ Because She Just BLASTED You…

Published on January 24, 2016

Laura Ingraham isn’t going easy on the National Review for going after Donald Trump, and she has a few choice words for them.

Nationally-syndicated talk radio host Laura Ingraham slammed the National Review for what she described as the publication’s attempt to further shrink the Republican Party.

Ingraham warned not only about National Review’s interference in the primary, but also the effects it may have in the general election. “How is it smart to close the door to Trump’s voters and to populism in general?” Ingraham asked in a Friday column.

She explains that that Trump’s “supporters are pushing for three big things”:

A return to traditional GOP law and order practices when it comes to illegal immigration.

A return to a more traditional GOP foreign policy that would put the national interest ahead of globalism.

A return to a more traditional GOP trade policy that would analyze trade deals from the perspective of the country as a whole and not blindly support any deal — even one negotiated by President Obama.

She says of the National Review:

They [i.e. the National Review contributors] are… inviting those who disagree with Bush on those points to leave conservatism and start seeking their allies elsewhere. This is an absolute disaster for conservatism. It is obvious by now that Bushism — however well-intentioned it may appear on paper — does not work for the average American. It is also clear that Bushism has almost no support within the rank and file of the GOP, much less within the country as a whole. Making the tenets of Bushism into an orthodoxy that conservatives cannot question will cripple conservatism for years to come… If the conservative movement devotes itself to defending the legacy of George W. Bush at all costs, it will become irrelevant to the debate over how to make things better for most Americans.

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