These Two Films Hold a CHILLING Warning for Present-Day America

Written by Larry Usoff on January 25, 2016

In 1984 a movie called Red Dawn burst upon the scene and for those that have not seen it, it’s about a takeover of the United States by a combination of Russian and Cuban forces.   A small insurgency of high school kids begins to fight back and, in the end, the invaders are beaten and the United States is victorious.

Fast forward to 2016.   We are under attack by another foreign enemy, already inside our borders and already attacking our people.  The difference between the film and what’s taking place now is that the attacks are scattered rather than a concentrated force…but make no mistake, the United States IS under attack.   In the film the insurgents, called Wolverines, use hit-and-run tactics to defeat the enemy, just as our enemy is using that against us now.   Americans, by and large, will take up arms against the enemy but, and that’s a big question mark…will the American military stand with the American people or go with the invaders?  

Russia and Cuba are pictured as the invaders, and that might well come to pass with the leadership that those two countries, allied with the incompetence of our own Government, but when you add in the world-wide desire for conquest of the followers of the Moon God, then Islam becomes a major player in the game.   Islam has but one goal and that is the world-wide submission to Allah.   There are no countries that will be immune to this scourge.   If you are not a Muslim, you are a dhimmi and forced to pay a tax just to live, you convert or you die…it’s that simple.

The Postman, from 1994, is another interesting film with a different-yet-the-same story as Red Dawn.  A nameless drifter dons a postman’s uniform and bag of mail as he begins a quest to inspire hope to the survivors living in post-apocalyptic America.

The enemy is also nameless in this movie, but the basic story is the same…Americans fighting back against an invading army.   Again, if you want to think of it this way, it’s David against Goliath, and you know how that turned out.  The difference here is that what we might call David is many small, splintered groups, eventually brought together by The Postman.  

There are no words that my brain can conjure up to express the rage that is building inside me because of the ignorance and apathy of the American people.  A small segment of the public is thinking that they can “sweet-talk” their way out of the problem…but that won’t work.   If the enemy is an alligator, as an example, he may eat you last, but he will definitely eat you.   Another segment is convinced that if ignored the enemy will eventually disappear.   That may be so, but history has recorded appeasement before and it did not fare well for the world.   Still another segment of the ignorant American public believes, or wants to believe, that ink on a piece of paper will force the enemy to behave.  It won’t.

As I see it, the saving grace for this country is that we have (a) a lot of privately-owned weapons, (b) a bunch of veterans, from all wars, who have seen what happens in war and are determined that it shall not happen here and (c) loudmouth agitators and alarmists like me, who keep bringing the subject to the forefront.   Any problem can be overcome with the proper strategy…but you have to awaken the public TO the problem. 

Years of comfortable living, with a volunteer military has made us soft, to the point where it’s going to take another event like 9-11 to shake us out of our comfort zone…but it will have to be done, if the United States is to survive.

There is another, even more frightening attack that the enemy can carry out, without firing a shot.   It’s an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP.  Simply put it’s an event that takes out all or part of the electrical grid of the country.  Now, imagine that you have just survived a hurricane, a tornado, a winter storm or whatever, and you have no power in your city…and may not have for days.  You can rest somewhat easy because you are certain that power will be restored soon…right?  Now, with an EMP, that power may take weeks, months, or years to restore…and how are you going to live?  No lights, no phones, the supermarkets will be stripped bare inside of a couple of days, and you could not even get gasoline to put in your car or generator.   You will try to survive.
Survival of the fittest is nature’s way of preserving whatever it is, be it animal,  or vegetable…they adapt to changing conditions in order to survive, and we’d better be doing that also or it will be the end of the United States.   No matter who is elected this next time around, there will be a definite choice to be made, and that choice will be, simply put, the survival of the United States.   Never mind the party, never mind the money you may have or not have…it won’t mean a thing.   All Americans will be in peril, even as they are now, so Wake Up America…your country needs you desperately!

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired/

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