Gun Packing Store Owner’s Son Kills Robber During Insane Shootout… Saves His Sister’s Life

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Do you think more headlines should read like this one? We do. This is what happens when a good guy has a gun.

An armed gunmen was fatally shot Friday evening in southeast Houston after the convenience store clerk’s son came to the rescue.

Usman Seth was at his father’s local grocery store when a masked robber carrying a tactical firearm came into the store demanding his sister, who was at the cashier counter, give him all their money.

Seth’s father handed him their store handgun and quickly shot the suspect, later identified as Sam Abugalboush, in the leg.

Surveillance cameras caught the entire shootout on tape. Police arrived within minutes, but Abugalboush died at the scene.

A grand jury will determine if charges should be considered against Seth for the shooting. (Source: YouTube)

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