Three Freedoms Lost With BHO’s Gun Control, And One Nobody is Talking About

Written by Ian Bayne on January 7, 2016

Obama’s executive action on gun control has nothing to do with ending violence and everything to do with disarming citizens. Although this intent is common knowledge, it’s seldom discussed what the steps are going to be in order to achieve this ultimate goal.

This week’s plan may have moved Obama to tears because of how delicately perfect it is in setting off a chain of events to create so much doubt and discouragement surrounding gun ownership.

There are three major pillars to this:

1. All People Are Gun Dealers

On the surface, this appears intended for men who sell guns out of storefronts, in gun shows, or on the internet who are “getting away” with something now. But in reality it is intended to identify all guns hidden from the government and allow the federal government to harass gun owners and discourage gun ownership.

By declaring specifically that trusts and corporations must declare themselves gun dealers, this will forbid grandpa’s gun from being passed untraced through probate. With no violent gun deaths coming from these types of inherited weapons, it’s obviously a way to force documentation of all guns.

But worse, by declaring all corporations, trusts, people who sell guns to their sons, daughters, brother, or possibly back to the gun store they bought it from, as dealers, this creates a new avenue for federal agents.

Any “dealer” is subject to their “place of business” being searched anytime, anywhere, without notice.

So if granny gives you her .38, federal agents may crash in her door the day after to check out her place of business. This is because the definition of “dealer” does not exist in the rule. Is a person who gives a gun to someone a dealer? Who knows?

With all that hassle, wouldn’t it just be easier to turn that old Colt into the government so they can “destroy” it for you? An argument for liability may contribute. Who wants to insure a house that’s considered a gun dealership? Probably not your home insurance provider!

2. Social Security Disability Recipients May Lose Gun Rights

This may be designed to get the Republican crowd to give a big “right on” to- -who cares about people drawing government benefits?

But this is the wrong attitude to have. Obama’s order declares that the Social Security Administration will “go through appropriate records” to determine who has mental health issues and declare them unfit to possess a firearm.

Again, we’re not entirely sure what this means.

For the past decade we’ve encouraged our boldest and bravest — our veterans — to seek help for PTSD from mental health providers.

In a cruel and unusual twist, it seems like these veterans may find themselves without the right to have a gun. Disarming veterans is an important part of pacifying a nation to prepare for total government control.

This rule will no doubt evolve into requiring all Americans who have ever taken anti-depressants to be considered unfit for firearm possession.

3. Smart Guns

The ultimate goal and key to total control is the “smart” gun. Don’t think it’s coincidence that Obama compared smart guns to smart phones.

Under the order, the DOD, Homeland Security, and the DOJ are to research gun technology that “reduces the frequency of accidental discharge.” I’m pretty sure none of these school shootings were accidental.

This may sound like an annoyance to many, and it’s not getting a lot of attention in the media, but this is certain immediate death to gun rights.

Technology that forbids anyone but “the right person” to fire a gun due to a computer chip that activates it will be open to hackers, sure.

But don’t forget government. You didn’t think that the federal courts wouldn’t create a chip disabler did you?

“Safe zones” will be established: courthouses, schools, city halls to start.

This will evolve. Parts of Chicago, New York, California. Urban areas where there’s crime, there will be calls to create a “safe zone” where chips are disabled.

Get pulled over by a cop for speeding? His new first action will be to press that button in his cruiser that disables all guns within 100’ of him.

Eventually, possibly even times of day will be forbidden. But all the while “preserving that 2nd Amendment right” to bear arms. You have them, you just can’t use them!

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Ian Bayne
Ian Bayne is a former radio talk show host and political consultant. He is currently a small business owner living in central Illinois. Follow him on Twitter @ ianbayneisright