How The Left’s War On ‘Intolerance’ Is A War On Reality and Fairness

Written by Kenn Daily on January 14, 2016

The only thing consistent about the regressive left is its inconsistency. Specifically, the left specializes in not tolerating intolerance. 
When British comic Ricky Gervais took a jab at cross dresser Caitlyn Jenner, the left took at a jab at Gervais for taking a jab. Gervais exercised his free speech while hosting this year’s Golden Globe awards. (Watch video here.)
Some people groups constitute a protected class as determined by the left, not because they are in danger like, say, the spotted owl, but because the predatory left finds those groups suitable for exploitation to advance its agenda du jour.
• Nurture vs nature
Oddly, the left has determined that genetic classification groups are in reality social constructs while self-determined groups — like cross dressers — are works of nature not to be contested. 
In reality — a concept divergent to liberal thinking — race is genetic. It can be determined forensically. The same is true of gender. Half of us have XY chromosomes; the other half have XX chromosomes. 
There is, however, no forensic test to determine cross dressers nor is there a detectable genetic predisposition. Rather, the concept of be transgendered is a matter of one’s mind. 
A person can decide to be transgendered today, transracial tomorrow, and a pretend toad the following day. When governments impose laws that force us to endow protected-class status on a person because he decides to pretend to be a she, it creates a vortex of confusion: The he-turned-she can decide to be a he again tomorrow, if he (or she) so decides. 
Try doing that with race. 
• No apologies
To his credit — and unlike many prone to protect their profession above their right to free speech — Gervais didn’t back down. There was no apology. Rather, Gervais noted that making Jenner the brunt of his joking was no more offensive than his slamming Bill Cosby would constitute racism. Cosby, you’ll recall, is currently in the state of evisceration by the media for failing to toe the cultural Marxism line of black victimization. 
The fuss over Gervais jabbing Jenner is not, of course, a government mandate. Rather, it’s a younger and slightly more polite Don Rickles with an English accent.
• Municipality meddling
Governments are, however, imposing insidiously stupid laws protecting men who wear dresses. That is, the regressive left has successfully imposed stringent rights violations on businesses not inclined to line toeing. 
New York City, for example,  is a dangerous place to live; not only because of violent street crime, but because of idiotic laws imposed by the unelected and misnamed Human Rights Commission. If you refer to a woman as a “woman,” you may get fined $250,000. The new regulation applies to anyone doing business in the Bill de Blasio’s realm. If you own a business in New York City, you may want to consider relocating.
• State legislation 
The regressive left is also pressing for legislation on a state level to create protected class status for cross dressers. To put that in perspective, imagine being fined $150,000 for failing to bake a cake for a transgender wedding.
The Indiana legislature actually wasted time to consider if men who wear dresses and carry purses should be considered for protected class status in the state. Gov. Mike Pence dug in his heals and chose to support religious freedom over special rights for men with purses. The session ended Jan. 14 with the LGBT lobby fuming and rational Hoosiers breathing easy — for now. (Watch video here.)
True to form, the regressive left will return to Indiana’s state house next year and the year following until it forces its agenda on the rest of us. 
• What it’s all about
Equality is the foundational doctrine of economic Marxism. That doctrine is undermined by the coarse reality that humans are different. Cultural Marxism, therefore, strives to force us into its fanciful world view in which males and females are not only equal, but are the same. Gender is a choice, not a biological, forensic reality in the demented Marxist mindset. 
Cultural Marxism also presses to erase other obvious biological human differences. It pretends racial differences are nothing more than social constructs. To achieve this goal the regressive left has empowered an army of social justice warriors. Their aim is to impose nonsensical policies on the rest of us by government force. The outcome is a slew of civil rights laws. 
• Equal, but unfair
The inevitable outcome of the Marxist vision of equality is unfairness. It is not fair to women for men to have access to their public restrooms. It is not fair to women for men to participate in women’s athletics. 
It is not fair to Christian bakers to be forced to bake cakes in contradiction to their religious convictions. It is not fair to force businesses to accommodate hiring quotas. It is not fair for college entrance requirements to accept unacceptable students. 
It is not fair for Western civilization to be overrun by Islamic insurgents under the pretext of refugees. And it certainly is not fair to demonize European patriots as “xenophobes” for protecting their heritage. 

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