This New Report Deflates ‘Deflategate’ & Reflects NEGATIVELY on the NFL

Written by Nathan Clark on January 28, 2016

Many people around the country still believe the Patriots cheat to maintain their dynastic superiority.  It’s really just the jealousy of the have-nots and whiners who follow lousy NFL franchises that perpetually fail at personnel selection, game preparation/execution and training and personal discipline, things the Patriots organization have institutionalized here in New England.

The persistence of this skepticism has taken on a religious fervor outside New England, where “Deflategate” has become a national dismissal of all the Patriots and Coach Belichick have labored for in pursuit of sustained excellence.  Should you find yourself confronted by any of this strident idiocy, I have attached a superb piece of science that essentially lets all the air out of their arguments (pun intended).  I have maintained from the beginning that Deflategate was the NFL’s scandal, not New England’s (see my ClashDaily pieces on it this past year,, here and here).  This eloquent article drives home the truth and the facts, cutting through all the BS. 


By the way, as of this writing, Commissioner Goodell, on behalf of “the integrity of the game” has appealed the decision of the US Circuit Court of NY that there is no grounds upon which to suspend Tom Brady for four games for violating the league rules of fair play.  The league appears prepared to pursue this travesty to the SCOTUS, in order to satisfy a bunch of whiny, underachieving owners whose interpretation of Pete Rozell’s “parity” is equal mediocrity of all clubs — a standard the Patriots have refused to adopt in the Brady/Belichick era.

True Scandal of Deflategate Lies in the N.F.L.’s Behavior
By JOE NOCERA JAN. 22, 2016

John Leonard is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who roots for the Philadelphia Eagles, listens to sports talk radio when he is exercising, and teaches a course called Measurement and Instrumentation. When the Deflategate story broke after last year’s A.F.C. championship game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, he found himself fixated on it, yearning to dig into it from a scientific point of view.

On the off chance you have spent the last year on Mars, Deflategate refers to the scandal that ensued after the Colts accused the Patriots of deflating their footballs to give quarterback Tom Brady an unfair edge — an accusation that the N.F.L. and its commissioner, Roger Goodell, ultimately determined was probably true.

“Of course, I thought of the Ideal Gas Law right away,” Leonard says, “but there was no data to test it.” Although the N.F.L. had measured the pounds per square inch (p.s.i.) of the Patriots’ footballs at halftime after the Colts complained — under the rules, game balls must be inflated to pressures ranging from 12.5 to 13.5 p.s.i. — it had not released any numbers.

The Ideal Gas Law, in case you are wondering, sets out the expected behavior of gases under certain conditions, like changes in temperature or volume. For instance, gases contract when they are in cold air and expand when they are in warmer temperatures. “I’m always looking for real life examples for my students,” Leonard says. If he could get some data, Deflategate had great potential as a case study.

In May, the data arrived. The prominent lawyer Theodore V. Wells Jr., who was hired to investigate Deflategate for the league, delivered a … Keep Reading the Rest at: True Scandal of Deflategate Lies in the N.F.L.’s Behavior

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