‘Refugees’ In Germany Commit Mass Sexual Assault, Here’s Trump’s Response vs Hillary’s

Written by Wes Walker on January 7, 2016

Love him or loathe him, a tweet Trump sent out is about to make life difficult for Team Hillary.

It was bad enough when Trump said her defense of Bill’s sexual misconduct was fair game. Especially because she, who said those who allege a sexual assault should be heard and believed, herself neither heard nor believed.

And with events in Germany now unfolding the way they are, this story becomes a double whammy.

First, here’s the tweet:  “Germany is going through massive attacks to its people by the migrants allowed to enter the country. New Years Eve was a disaster. THINK!”

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To what is The Donald referring? This: German women have faced swarming attacks by people described as Arabic and North African men.

Swarming attacks are too sanitized a term for it. The news reports use phrases like “mass sexual assaults.” Police chief Wolfgang Albers called it “a completely new dimension of crime. ”

Over 1000 men, primarily 18-35, robbed, threatened, or molested attendees of Cologne’s New Year’s celebrations. Worse, BBC reports that these attacks were not random, but appeared to be organized, and specifically sought out women. (This happened elsewhere in Germany, too.)

The reaction of officials was damning. Rather than come down hard on the beasts who are LITERALLY perpetrating violence against (ie: “War On”) Women, they are suppressing justice.

Even though some 200 police were required to quell the violence,  German officials made no arrests. German officials reportedly have been told to cover up crimes committed by migrants to avoid spreading panic.

So, the same pool of applicants that Obama’s administration (which includes Hillary) is fast-tracking into America, has violently — and with impunity — assaulted women on a massive scale. That quote again was, “Completely new dimension of crime.”

To protect their own political futures, German officials have sided with the offenders while throwing the victims under the bus. So much for justice or rule of law.

In her campaign, remember, Hillary said victims must be heard and believed. Will she now hear the pleas of those German victims? Will she lower the massive influx of questionable applicants to far more modest numbers? Will she side (again) with protecting the reputation of the offender, and political gains of siding with that side, or will she (finally) side with the actual victim?

That question takes us full circle, now doesn’t it? Right back to that time where she blindly defended the indefensible Bill Clinton, and attacked the victims her husband had thrown to the wolves.

Of course that question is fair game. And with developments in Germany, it actually becomes important. It goes to the question of her judgement: can hers be trusted?

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