Ted Nugent Releases Plan to ‘Raise HELL’ Against Obama, and Liberals Are SQUIRMING

Our gun grabbing President is really not going to like what Ted Nugent just said about his plans to disarm American citizens.

Political correctness has a hero, and in the absence of Hillary Clinton’s hero and mentor, the great scammer Saul Alinsky, president Obama takes the Oscar.

In his most recent charade, the president performed flawlessly for the dumbed down clueless sheep that blindly worship him and his America-hating agenda.

Meanwhile, his cohort in infringement crime U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch dares to threaten law-abiding gun owners while turning a blind eye to rampant repeat crime by Hillary Clinton, the IRS and the VA.

Never before have more Americans purchased more firearms and ammunition. Never before have more American families joined the National Rifle Association. Never before have more Americans been so dramatically let down by our government.

It is time for all American patriots to join the NRA. It is time for all American patriots to raise maximum hell with our elected employees to bring an end to this outrageous abuse of power and corruption.

Keep – means its mine and you can’t have it.

Bear – means I’ve got one or two on me right now and they’re loaded.

Anything that compromises this self-evident truth, this U.S. constitutionally guaranteed, God-given individual right, is a criminal oath-violating infringement, and the infringers must be held accountable.

It’s the criminal, stupid. Not the gun.

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