These Americans Are Responding to BHO’s 2nd Amendment Attack…And He HATES It

There’s a surprise candidate for the National Rifle Association’s 2015 Top Recruiter: Barack Obama. As anyone who’s on this side of a coma knows, President Obama is blatantly attacking the Bill of Rights because it doesn’t agree with the Marxist Utopia that is the Left’s ultimate wet dream. No right has suffered more presidential aggression than the 2nd Amendment with incredible executive orders that would even make FDR blush. Orders like Doctor’s reporting gun-owning patients to the government.

What might be a nice surprise is how an increasing number Americans are responding to the government’s encroachment on our liberties.  According to Cody Butler of, Pennsylvania concealed carry permits are on the rise. The Union County Sherriff’s office issued 170 permits in December 2015 compared to only 72 in December 2014. People appear to be concerned about the changing times and certain global realities that seem only visible to citizens who aren’t running for elected office.

Gun purchases and concealed carry permits are spiking elsewhere as well. WHNT19 News in Lauderdale County, Alabama also reports major 2nd Amendment support. The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s office was smothered with over 60 gun permits in one day, according to WHNT 19.   “People are not happy with [2nd Amendment encroachment], and I think they intend to arm themselves,” stated Sheriff Rick Singleton. “It’s just a different world today.”

All of these guns in the hands of regular people must give the liberals nightmares of their agenda suffering a silent and ignominious death. The fact is gun violence has been decreasing for years even as gun ownership has increased.

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Of course, it’s a well known fact that reality is just part of the vast right-wing conspiracy and President Obama will do everything in his power- including arbitrarily changing the terms of his power- to marginalize the Constitution for the greater good. Unfortunately for the greater good, the more aggressive Obama gets “protecting Americans”, the more obvious his actual agenda becomes.

Hopefully that also means Americans continue to wake up to the need to defend their own rights.

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