ZAPPIN’ THUGS: Pranksters Electrify Bike And Electrocute Thieves Who Try To Steal It (VIDEO)

Published on January 15, 2016

These thugs had another thing coming when they tried to walk up and steal a bike in broad daylight.

This is the hilarious moment a group of pranksters fitted electric shock devices to a bicycle before setting them off and zapping passers-by when they tried to steal the bike.

The pranksters, brothers Jeremy and Jason Holden, kitted out an ordinary push-along bike with shock devices in the handlebars and seat before leaving it out in the street in Los Angeles, US.

They sat quietly in hiding as they waited for passers-by to pick up the seemingly-abandoned bike in Hollywood, filming every moment with a number of handheld cameras.

When an unknowing member of the public picked up the bike and tried to make-off with it, the brothers – using a handheld button – allowed the shock devices to release small charges.

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