Here’s A LONG List Of American Parallels with Venezuela That Should SCARE You

Written by Rob Morse on January 15, 2016

Venezuela is leaving the thin ranks of civilization and lurching towards lawless dictatorship. Some of us thought Venezuela was already a dictatorship once a communist president could seize property as he walked down the street. Today the signs are clear for anyone to see. I’m struck by the similarities rather than the differences between Venezuela and the United States.

The people of Venezuela recently voted to sweep the United Socialist Party from power and replaced them with the Democratic Unity Round table. It is not clear if this change really constitutes progress, but I hope it does. Communist President Maduro then got the Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice to block the election results. Note the stages of political breakdown in Venezuela-

— Communists are voted into power.
— Communists appoint judges loyal to the regime.
— These judges make decisions based on their political utility to the political party rather than based on the rule of law.
— Citizens are disarmed.
— Property is confiscated by the government.
— Elections are overturned to keep the ruling communist party in power.
— Political bribery stops working because there is no more wealth to steal.
— The country dissolves into regional political factions.
— The central government increases the use of police and military power to force compliance.
— Political opposition grows.
— The political structure degenerates into dictatorship.
— The military takes over the country with a coup.

Frankly, I’m surprised the Venezuelan communists let themselves lose this last election. Our big city Democrat Machine Politicians learned long ago to rig elections so the outcome was never in doubt. Here are the other parallels I see with the United States.

— We voted for a communists who promised us something for nothing.
— We’ve seen the US Supreme Court ignore the Constitution. The Supremes now use their political leanings as they, like our president, pick and choose which laws apply.
— President Obama uses his executive powers to create one economic disaster after another. A record number of us are out of work.
— A growing number of US citizens depend on government handouts.
— Rates of unemployment and crime rise in our large, failed, Democrat controlled cities.
— Democrats and business interests threw open the borders for illegal immigration. Companies want cheep labor. Democrats want illegal immigrant voters.
— More citizens defy unjust laws. Oddly enough, these are the same citizens who consider themselves the most “law abiding”, but the laws they follow are internal codes of justice rather than the millions of pages of contradictory government laws and regulations.
— President Obama uses his executive power to disarm honest citizens. This leaves honest citizens both vulnerable to criminals and dependent on police for protection. It also allows the government to abuse its powers without the threat of armed resistance.
— The US government expands the inside dealing in order to secure larger political kickbacks.

Today we witness the Chinese curse of living in interesting times. I’m an optimist. I think adversity reveals character. It is going to be a wild ride.

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