ANOTHER CLINTON LIE: Is Hillary Clinton Wearing a WIG?

Written by George Hewes on February 10, 2016

The political media in the U.S. has long been accused of focusing on the trivialities of candidates rather than substance. One thinks back to the coverage of Bill Clinton’s battle with fast food, George W. Bush’s mispronunciation of the word “nuclear” – which makes it all the more curious that the media is ignoring elephant in the room about the Democratic primaries, namely that Hillary Clinton is obviously wearing a wig. 

Coverage of the story has been random and dismissive. Matt Drudge brought it up last year, which caused Donald Trump to comment on it. A hairdresser in Chappaqua threw cold water on the notion, and the media dismissed it. What about the unwashed masses yearning for the truth? 

The response from those “ready for Hillary” is, “Let’s focus on the issues and not these distractions.” But the case can be made that Wig-gate says a lot about Hillary’s fitness for the job of president. As you may know from history, Hillary has had a tortured relationship with the truth. From her Benghazi testimony to her ham-handed email server scandal, this is not a woman who cherishes transparency. Hillary has embraced the George Costanza ethos of “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” We’ve seen that she is comfortable lying about the big things. Now the wig is proof that pretty much everything about her–from her scandal explanations right down to her personal appearance–is phony. Why on Earth then should we trust her to have the biggest, most important job in the world? 

Of course, partisan politics plays a huge role in the non-coverage of this. The mystery of Trump’s hair has long been fodder for media discussion. One can only imagine the breathless, round-the-clock media scrutiny that would be given to the revelation that, for example, Ted Cruz wore a hairpiece. 

And yet, like with Jack Kennedy’s sexual peccadilloes, the media has decided to look the other way on Hillary’s blatant misrepresentation of herself. What else would they overlook were she to–gasp–become president? That alone should give pause to anyone considering support for this absurd, dishonest and corrupt woman. 


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George Hewes
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