CAN OF WHUP @SS: Black Man BLASTS Beyonce’s Race Baiting Halftime Mess

Published on February 9, 2016

This. Is. BRUTAL. Watch this black dude rip Beyonce’s halftime performance to shreds in just a matter of minutes.

Jonathan Gentry, a black man and outspoken critic of President Obama, Al Sharpton, the Black Lives Matter Movement and others, is now speaking out about Beyoncé’s halftime performance during Super Bowl 50.

Gentry said, “Let’s cut the crap.”

As Western Journalism has reported, Beyoncé’s performance during halftime showed her dancers dressed in Black Panther Party style clothing and involved lyrics from a song in which the music video depicted police as targeting the black community in a statement reading, “stop shooting us.” The dancers were also photographed with raised arms, fists clinched as was customary for the Black Panther Party.

Gentry apparently considers Beyonce’s performance hypocrisy and pointed to the real reason Beyoncé had her dancers dress like the Black Panther Party.

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