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Cop Hating Beyoncé Plans Concert in New City…Cops Have A SPECIAL Message for Her

It looks like Beyonce is getting a taste of her own medicine for her concert planned in this Florida city.

TAMPA (FOX 13) – Beyonce has taken a lot of heat for her new song “Formation,” which critics claim has an anti-cop message. Some Tampa Police officers might agree, if the request to work her upcoming Tampa concert is any indication. No one has agreed to do it.

Typically, officers who are off-duty agree to work concerts and sporting events at the venue for extra income, but none have signed up to work security for Beyonce’s upcoming concert on April 29 at Raymond James Stadium.

The concert is expected to be a sold-out show, so not staffing the event with uniformed officers would be a security risk.

Tampa Police Department spokesperson Steve Hegarty was unable to tell FOX 13 News if the lack of names on the list revealed officers’ feelings about Beyonce or the recent controversy surrounding her music and the Super Bowl halftime show where she and a group of dancers wore outfits themed after the Black Panthers.

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