Hillary Gets Britney Spears To Endorse Her But Then Britney Throws Her A Curve Ball

Published on February 19, 2016

Does this prove that Britney Spears was being paid to endorse Hillary? Either way, she throws her a major curve ball on social media.

Britney Spears met with Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas on Thursday and offered a gushing endorsement of the presidential candidate, but then stealthily took it back.

The singer posted a photograph of the pair onto her Instagram account praising the ‘incredible’ former Secretary of State, ending with the hashtag ‘ImWithHer’ that appeared to be a clear show of support.

The hashtag is the one used in all social media by Clinton supporters.

However, Spears, 34, then updated the photograph shortly after and mysteriously removed the hashtag, appearing to recant her endorsement for the 68-year-old who is actively trying to appeal to younger voters.

The decision by Spears to give and then take back her support for Hillary’s presidential campaign will be a blow for the Democrat who was defeated by rival candidate Bernie Sanders in the recent New Hampshire primary.

Indeed, Sanders has gone from an unlikely presidential proposition to a serious challenger and draws from a huge swell of new support, especially from younger voters.



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