DEAR AMERICA: Do You Think WHITE People Are What’s WRONG With The World?

Published on February 23, 2016

BuzzFeed just released a video that features people from around the world reacting to the word ‘white’ — prepare to be shamed about the color of your skin if you happen to be white.

A new Buzzfeed video going viral on YouTube features people who are “triggered” by the word “white,” characterizing white people as arrogant, controlling and selfish.

Entitled People Of Colour From Around The World Respond To “White” – the clip is a three minute guilt trip intended to shame Caucasians into acknowledging how oppressive they are for having been born with the wrong skin color.

Asked to respond to the word “white,” the non-white participants deliver a number of pejoratives, accusing whites of being controlling, privileged, arrogant, naive, selfish, and obsessed with power.

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