QUESTION: Do You Think Hillary IS Full Of More SH*T Than A West Texas Stockyard?

Written by Doug Giles on February 23, 2016


What do you think? Is Hillary an innocent woman that always tells the truth or do you think she’s full of it?

A new poll has recently come out revealing that Hillary Clinton is one of the most untrustworthy people that came to their minds.

A plurality of people in a new poll most associate Hillary Clinton with the words “dishonest,” “liar,” “don’t trust her” and “poor character.”

Twenty-one percent of those asked use those words to describe her, according to a new Gallup poll released Tuesday. Another 9 percent said “dislike her,” while 8 percent said they “like her” and that she’s “capable of being president,” and another 7 percent said she’s “qualified.” An additional 7 percent of people called Clinton a “criminal” and “crooked” and said “she belongs in jail.”

Overall, 51 percent of people asked had a net negative opinion of Clinton, while just 29 percent were positive and 6 percent were neutral.

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