Germany Announces BAD News for Muslim Refugees…They Are NOT Going to Like This

Published on February 4, 2016

Refugees and refugee lovers are going to be TICKED about this news. Please forward this to Angela Merkel.

Germany’s Interior Minister told Afghanistan on Tuesday that Germany’s security support to the country would only continue if the influx of Afghan refugees to Germany stopped.

“We’re staying here as long as it’s necessary. But we also expect that that the Afghan population stays here,” Thomas de Maizière said on a visit to Afghan capital Kabul, according to N-tv.

Many Germans ask themselves how it can be that Afghans come to seek asylum in their country when Germany is providing security assistance in Afghanistan, the interior minister claimed.

“We want the influx of refugees to be stopped,” he added.

The interior minister also sought to quash rumours he said were leading to Afghans coming to Germany with false hopes.

“There is no welcome money in Germany. There is no guarantee of a job or an apartment,” de Maizière told state broadcaster ZDF, warning Afghans not to listen to propaganda spread by people smugglers.

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